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Starring: Lelu Love

Reviewed by PL

(9.50 / 10)

Condoms: None

Update (08/15/2018)

Site score boosted by .25
Lelu was kind enough to grant me access again to update this review as well as to bring a few scene/content reviews to you (they will be coming shortly). I'm stoked. My affinity for Lelu and her content hasn't wavered. Immediately I was drawn back into her universe and loved what I was seeing. In the couple years I've been away from the site, Lelu has been through a couple pregnancies and some various other things, and she was VERY open about all of them. I can't explain how much I felt like she really does care for her fans/subscribers. It took a lot of courage to spill some of these things she's gone through. Please, give Lelu a little of your cash and check this out. I feel like you will be very happy with the content and the overall feel of things!

This one gets a 9.25. I really liked Lelu's site. A lot, in fact. I was constantly drawn into her videos, even if I thought the majority of them were on the short side, and her blurb about being a "virtual girlfriend" or "The Internet's Most Interactive Sex Star" was spot on. Lelu really does take care of her fans, which is excellent in my mind. And it blows my mind how much she's given up for her fans. This young lady works HARD, at least from what I've seen, and that lead me to that perception. She does videos every day, does a camera show every Wednesday, posts miscellaneous pictures and also manages to live her live with her fiancé/husband (who is one lucky fucker ). Even though the site could use some work in the way of design, it's a site with a TON of content from a single girl. Something some may like, and others won't, but she's one hot girl, so that really helps out a lot. Additionally, she does a lot of diffrent things, surly to satisfy some of your wildesnt fetishes. And for me, the fact she does so many cream pies was a nice "selling asepect"! It's hard to really sum up how I feel about Lelu and her site, but this is one "review" I would wish wouldn't end. So... It's an amateur porno fan's dream, she covers nearly every fetish you can image and does it with a great look about her. This is a highly recommended site to visit, you're surly to find SOMETHING you like here. I know I did So you can look forward to some scene reviews here and there too.
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Update (08/15/2018)

A few of notes:
  • Looks like in July of 2017 she began doing 1080 / 720 HD scenes!
  • She's still adding daily content! (Amazing in my eyes)
  • There's now a "heart system" (maybe it was there before, but if it was, I didn't see it). You can use hearts (daily logins) to get things like the ability to download videos as well as getting customized things from Lelu! Since it's tied to being logged in here is what the gist of it all is: "Earn hearts for visiting my site! Every day you sign in as a member, you'll earn 1 heart. For every 30 hearts you earn, you'll receive a 30 heart bonus! Trade in your hearts for awesome rewards!"
  • Download are now not enabled by default (see above), but they are enabled on VIP or Platinum accounts out of the gate.
  • Site seems a little slower to me, but the videos played fine.

Wandering around the net one day I ran across Lelu's site and after some exchanging of emails, Lelu was gracious enough to give me a 30 day pass to her little slice of the internet. I'll admit, Lelu's look is what drew me in. She's a pretty girl, with a girl next door look, a great smile and some great tits! Everything about this young lady got me going. Easily one of the best looking girls I've seen do porno.

Inside the site, it's pretty plain, but gets the job done. Along the top of the site there's the navigation, and I started in on the "Vids". There were two ways to view the videos, list and grid. Although the "grid view" gave gif-type preview on most of them, but I preferred the "list view", as it gave a little blurb about the contents of the scene. I did find it interesting each one of them had the same thing after each write up though... I'm not sure what the purpose of that was. Regardless, it wasn't too hard to over look after the first few time of accidently reading it and realizing I just read that on the last scene! Clicking on each image/title brought you to the detailed scene, listing the download options (WMV, MOV, MP4/HD, MP4/SD), the same blurb that was on the listing and a link to the screen caps from the scene. There was also a button to show the comments, but I found it interesting they weren't shown by default. Additionally, there didn't seem to be many comments. Although there was some sort of discussions going on in something called "Disqus".

Looking back through her archives, she has well over 1700 videos; 1755 from my final count and posting one every day! Of course, I focused on the MP4/HD videos, which weren't the "HD" I was hoping for... I was hoping for at least 1280x720, but they were only 960x520. They were pretty clear though, with a bitrate between 3k and 4k. The MP4/HD files were sized perfectly too, in comparison to the their files, which were just as clear but much larger in size. I got good speed from the site, with most of the movies coming in fast, 2 or 3 minutes max, most of the time. Although I did find the videos to be a bit on the short side, most between 5 and 15 minutes long. She does various types of scenes, ranging from virtual sex scenes, to cuckolding, to masturbation/tease, and my favorite cream pies; LOTS of the too! She even does a little anal play with toys here and there, but not much, I don't think she's taken a cock up the ass yet - at least not on the site.

Over in the pics section, Lelu updates this section daily as well, but doesn't have quite the entries the videos have, sporting a modest 1434 entries . There's a few "set" sets (pictures that go along with a movie), but most are fun, candid pictures. All the sets are also downloadable in a zip file and you can click each photo to get larger views of each. Not a lot to focus on here, but certainly adds some fun to things.

Continuing on, there was a tab for live shows, including some very popular girls, such as Sophie Dee, Julia Ann, Maggie Green, Siri, Sunny Lane and our very own Lelu (who does her show ever Wednesday night at 10PM Eastern). I stopped in for a few shows, never really interacting with the girls or the group. Live cam shows never really did much for me, but watching some of them interact with the group was nice. Over to the "24/7 Voyeur Cams", things got cool! Lelu was nice enough to invite us into her daily life, placing drop cameras in a few of her rooms, which are live 24/7 streams! After that there was a store, where she prices out doing custom videos/web cams shows. There was an info section about her, which I found very interesting. Honestly it's something I checked out early on in the review and it made me feel closer to Lelu; an effect I'm sure she was shooting for, and with me she achieved it. Finally there was a "Top Vids" section that detailed her top videos of every month of every year since the site's been around (July 2012), as well as her twitter account).