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Starring: Mrs. Peacock
Co-starring: Mr. Peacock

Reviewed by PL

(8.25 / 10)

Where to get it
Condoms: None
Overview: Two Peacock Productions is focused around giving amateur porn folks a footing, offering up things like face blur and editing and such, it's really a nice little outfit for those who are dipping their toe into the area and aren't ready to go full bore and get all the needed equipment and software. Of course, Twitter has given them a tremendous footprint, and they pretty much tie every "model" (normally a couple) back to a twitter handle. Some of them are CuriousCoupleKY, lordcomix, RoxieRose69, rochelle_raxxx

A direct quote from the Peacock Couple:
"The goal of the site is to sell downloads, not memberships. The idea is that you can buy downloads from some of your favorite twitter follows without memberships and all our members are verified, real people. Not cam models or porn stars. Our studio is for swingers, hot wives, sluts, exhibitionists only. We do not allow cam models on our site.

A weekly membership is $20.00 - this gives you access to VIEW Everything on the site. So a guy can buy a weekly view pass and browse and buy downloads of his favorite vids without having to guess if it’s worth it or not. A weekly membership gets you 25% off non-member download prices. OR you can buy downloads from your favorites with no memberships at all!"

I like amateur stuff, so I really liked the way this was done. I also really liked how it's geared towards real swingers. I just loved how "the little guys" are able to get a foot in the door with this site. If these things interest you, it's certainly a site you need to check out.
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Logging into the site I was welcomed with Mrs. Peacock's ass, along with a couple of other nice rumps . There were only a "Preview Our Models" video, a quick minute and a half video that showcased the tits of the ladies who are featured in the site. Turning to the navigation, there were a few options. Home (outlined a moment ago), Models, Videos, Photos, About Us and Contact.

Starting at the Models page, there were 11 models on display, one of which was a guy, which I was a little surprised to see. Most all of the ladies were busty and most weren't willing to show their faces. Understandable, from my perspective considering how folks would probably react to it Anyway... Clicking into one of the models, you land on their "About Page", which of course gives a brief intro to the model (and their significant other) - some were longer than others. Each model had their own videos page, along with a photosets page and finally a way to tip them! I really thought this was a cool idea, right in a modal window, you could send the model anywhere from $10 to $200. Very cool.
Over on the model's page, you get a listing of the scenes they have to offer, along with a way to search and sort the scenes. I had the "weekly" access, so I was only able to stream the scenes, but that gave me a discount when buying scenes and photo sets (touched on later). The photosets were similar, you could purchase them too (I'm assuming they would be in a large format in a zip file) and you could see a list of the sets the model had to offer. Clicking into a set you could see what was inside, and I was a little surprised (pleasantly) to see you could look at the pictures in a decently large format.

Back to the navigation, the "Videos" and "Photos" were just an area to collect all the model's assets, if you will, so there was nothing new, from that perspective.

Real people
Ability to tip the couple

"Updates" are at the mercy of the couples
Varying qualities
Some of the "tags" are missing (eg. a cream pie was in a scene and not tagged as such)