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Reviewed by PL

(9.00 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: A while back I reviewed Exxxtra Small, Teen Pies and Teen Curves (along with a couple of others) and I never reviewed the main site! Here's that review to rectify that Since that earlier time, TeamSkeet has done a design update to the site - I liked it. It felt modern and responsive, and of course (most importantly) easy to use. My biggest complaint was the "middle ground" after you log in, you get blasted with a screen for you to choose TeamSkeet or other sites you could purchase. It was confusing and intrusive. My second complaint was the mixing of the "locked sites" content with the TeamSkeet content was confusing and easy to get sucked into an accident. Anyway, TeamSkeet is a like a few other sites, in the sense they have a lot of "sub-sites". Personally, I like this kind of thing because it allows a user to focus or get exactly what they are looking for, as well as allows for a large cross-section of niches. They tend to stick to younger girls and newer talent, something I liked, but the quality can be spotty at times. A good example would be in some of the POV Life scenes, the lights were off and the camera was the light source. Then in some newer scenes, the scene would look as if they lost some lighting - it would not be completely dark (like some of the scenes where it's very intention - like some of the POV Life scenes), but it was certainly darker than it should have been. The site normally can be found from $9.99 to $14.99 most of the time, and at that price point, considering how much content there is, it's a fantastic deal! This one should definitely be on your radar!
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Getting in the site, you are presented with a few different lists of movies (scenes). The newest, the most popular, featured, upcoming and a list of a few sites. None of these were complete, obviously, but just something to get your palate wet to dive into. There was also an exclusive section, which you had to pay an additional fee for the overall site to get access to the scenes/movies. So, over to the movies section, you could list them out in various ways, newest, most likes, etc as well as when it was posted - like in the last 30 days or last 60 days. The models listing and sites pages were just as flexible. Lots of options across the board.

There were a lot of scenes, and if the counter is right, the scene was pushing north of 3,700 movies! Each one was streamable in various qualities (360, 480, 576, 720 and 1080), as well as downloadable in the same qualities. The downloads were fast, I didn't measure them, but the largest files only took a couple of minutes to download and the streaming was good too - it was very easy to skip around and have the stream catch-up fast. Each movie also had the ability to like, dislike, comment and favorite it. Your favorites were on a different list, which you get from the home page. Moreover, there was a cast list, which is nice from the standpoint of the guys were called out - very useful for me Each movie also had a quick story, or synopsis and some tags. Finally, there were some cool features like being able to dim the background when streaming and being able to start/pause and adjust the volume without touching the actual stream window. Of course, each scene also had an accompanying "pretty pictures" and screencaps, which you could look at or download as a zip. Pretty standard.

You could also list out the models, and with the same flexibility as the movie. As with the number of scenes, you can imagine there were a lot of girls on the site, just under 1,980. You could follow girls, and I liked the fact you could see how many follows the girls had, along with their movie/scene count. Clicking into a girls page, you were presented with a large 3-image banner, which was nice to highlight the girl. You could then follow her, of course, and the scenes she appeared in - even ones you couldn't get access too until you upgraded.

High quality scenes
Multiple download and stream qualities
The ability to like / dislike & comment
Daily updates
Lots of content (north of 3,700)
Lots of genres
Good price point (Can normally find it on sale from $9.99 to $14.99)

"Middle ground" at login - making you choose your site - listing others to buy for more money
"Locked" scenes mixed with scenes you got with TeamSkeet scenes