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Co-starring: Angus Maple, Tim Von Swine

Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
Condoms: None
Overview: Update: I was alerted from Tim the videos are in fact HD, but they are uploaded in a fashion that makes them look more grainy. Here's the link to the details!

Tim has taken to going to getting his scenes out there via this site. He's also decided to focus on a very "basic" way of presenting his goods. I've spoken with him about this and the site is very intentinal. He wanted to make something that reflected his style, his love for bigger girls, as well as something that wasn't easily copied (piracy in the industry is a HUGE problem). He succeeded on all the fronts in my eyes. While I'm not the biggest fan of the site itself, mainly because of how I review and my affinity for HD content clear images, there is no denying this content is quality. Not all of the scenes a home runs, but there are some really great scenes, I've reviewed a few of them. While I have some negatives, I really like how this panned out. Tim has taken to this medium and it's allowed him to interact with the fans of his work, like myself, as well as get things to the market more directly. Even with how expensive it is, it's a site I would certainly recommend checking out for some "real" fun fuckin'! Just keep in mind the price isn't a cash grab, quite the opposite... This is a 1 man show (ok, sometimes 2 with Angus), and the ladies don't work for free
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When you log in, you are dumped in an area with the latest videos. Each one gave a description of what was inside, as well as some tags to help filter on, along with user rating and how long ago it was posted. Inside each scene you were able to comment on the scene, as well as rate it, and of course stream it. While I loved the rating and commenting, I'm not a fan of the streaming system. There's no way to adjust the stream quality, the player is quite limited and skipping around in the scene can be problematic. The image quality and the inability to download the movie are things I took issues with.

Checkout this link for more screens too

About 3 to 5 updates a month - Normally I'm not a fan of such a slow schedual, but Tim is a solo project, much different take on things.
"Real" porno - the scenes have such a raw and fun feel to them
Some "throw back" scenes from early times in Tim's career
Ability to rate videos or leave comments

No HD scenes
Videos aren't quite as clear as I would like them to be
No way to download the scenes
No "native" photos