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Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

Condoms: None
Overview: I think the biggest draw for me was the fact the site was British based. I don't get to see many British girls in action, and I do love those accents, so this was nice. The scenes were varied too, ranging from BDSM, to stepsiblings, to MILFs and teens. However the sex acts were limited a bit, for example there were only 17 anal scenes, most of them were old too, and DPs were listed but again the category bug hit, because there were scenes listed as "Double Penetration" when there were only a 2 partners in the scene and scanning that scene didn't yield any toys, like I would have expected from DP. All in all, if you are a fan of British girls, this is a good site to check out, with lots of hardcore action. Also, after the first month, you get to chooses a bonus site (in the network) of your choice.
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This site is in the Stiffia network, so check out some reviews of their sites here.

Inside the members area, you are greeted with a clean layout with the latest video and photo updates. Along the left side of the site was the navigation, which consisted of "Home" (where you land when you login), "Scenes", "Movies", "Photos" and "Girls". Additionally, there was a search at the top of the site to allow for searching things like scenes, movies, and girls.

Each scene had the options to stream or download it, along with the categories in the scene and most had a quick synopsis. The streaming did allow for you to change the quality, although it was a little obscure - it was an overlay in the upper right corner of the video. The download options weren't so obscure and were plentiful (1920, 1080, 720 and 480). Additionally, if there were photos or the scene was a part of a movie on the site, there were links to those. There were also links to "Similiar Scenes". Move over, there was a synopsis of the scene and a list of categories - however, those categories were not always accurate. I saw a couple cream pies and there was no mention of it or even "Cum on pussy". Also, it would have been nice to have a way to suggest categories for a scene or add comments to the scene.

Looking at the scene listing, they were listed in the order they were added, with the latest being the first one listed. Unfortunately, there was no way to re-sort them - for example, oldest to newest, or most popular. Down the left side of the area on the screen where the movies were, there were a plethora of categories to click on, which added filters to the scenes, narrowing down what you were looking for. There were 350 scenes at the time of the review, a fair amount.

Next, it was over to the movies. Again they were listed latest to oldest and had the same category filtering options as the scenes. There were about 51 movies

The photos looked exactly like the scenes page, so there wasn't much to talk about in that respect. There were about 160 photo sets, which I found a bit low considering that's meant about half the scenes had picture sets.

Over on the "Girls" page, things changed up a bit. First, not only girls were listed. Not a big deal, but the option to ONLY search for males/females would have been nice. Anyway, the default sorting was for the girls with the latest updates were first, but we could opt to list all the girls A to Z, Z to A or list all the girls by the letter of their first name. The biggest gripe I had here was the fact a lot of the talent didn't have pictures, but that would align with the fact only half the scenes have picture sets.

Mostly HD scenes
Exclusive content
Frequest updates - about every 2 or 3 days.
(Mainly) Bristish girls

No ability to rate and comment on the scenes
Innacurate categories
Can't sort things easily
Ads sprinkled in on the scenes page