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Condoms: None
Overview: While Mike Adriano puts out a lot of stuff through, this seems to be another "outlet" for his creations. The man seems to shoot an insane amount of porno Additionally, the other director is Claudio - he's a pretty entertaining guy and certainly knows how to film a fuck scene Anyway, the site is filled with good, quality, content and it's updated often - something I place a lot of stock in. I think my biggest gripe was the fact there didn't seem to be a way to search. You could filter, but not search on keywords. Additionally, I wasn't a fan of the fact all the scenes didn't have pictures. Most all had screen shots though, but some had neither. As someone who likes Mike's work, I'd recommend the site, but with the addition of Claudio and the ass-centric nature of the content - it's a no-brainer!
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Getting inside the site the latest scenes are at the top, and then followed up by the upcoming scenes. Down a little further down the site there was a filtering mechanism. It allows you to filter by category and site, with a count of how many scenes were available based on your filters. You could apply as many filters as you liked as well. So, with no filters in place, the page list of the latest scenes released. What made this interesting to me was the site didn't follow the "normal" paginated layout but relied on a "load more" button. At first, I thought this was an infinite load kind of thing, but realized it was a manual deal, requiring the user to click the button. The scenes all had quick overviews, with some of them were labeled as "Exclusive". I appreciated the labeling, but I'm but sure why the others aren't exclusive.

The "sites" section of the site listed out the sites that were represented (,,,, and, along with a description of the site's content and it's scene count. When you clicked on the "Show Scenes", it took you to a listing (like the ones mentioned above) of just thoughts scenes.

Next, there was a "PervCity Pornstars" page, which as you may have guessed, listed out all the girls on the site. Each girl had a full-sized photo, their name and a scene count, which I really liked. You could sort the ladies by the most recent updated, top voted, most viewed, number of scenes and by model name. I'm not sure how the top voted work, I didn't see any way to vote for the girl(s) or the scenes they were in. A scene view counter would have helped explain the most viewed more... Anyway, clicking on a girl's picture, you are presented with a nice "about" page, giving measurements, weight and all kind of good info about her. Additionally, there was a small write-up on her, a listing of her scenes a listing of random pictures. Really this is one of the better girl pages I've seen on a site!

Finally, it was on to the scenes. Each scene had it's release date, along with a title and a cast list (only females), along with a synopsis and the categories that the movie falls into - for that filtering mentioned earlier. Each one offered up streaming, which gave the ability to adjust the quality (in kbps). Of course, each scene was downloadable in 1080, 720 and 480 varieties, along with allowing you to download the screen caps and pictures as a zip file. However, not all the scenes had screens or pictures, although most did have screens.

Frequent updates - every other day
HD/quality content (all scenes available in 1080)
Coming updates laid out
Fast downloads/streaming
Can Leave comments
Good annual price ($10 / month)

Not all scenes have pictures, most all had screen caps though
Expensive monthly fee ($28)
No search mechanism