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Reviewed by PL

(9.25 / 10)

Condoms: None
Overview: Update: 07/01/2018
The site continues to uphold the excellence it had back in the 2015 review, still updating at the slower pace (1 update every 2 to 4 days) too. However, they have started to include interviews in the line-up. While I liked these, I felt like they were a bit of "fluff" and counted towards an update. The site has also undergone an update, having a really clean look and feel to it - actually it reminds me of the feel of the newer scenes mentioned in the body of the review (there was a shift in "feel" in 2013). While I don't recall from the original review, there was one thing that seemed a little odd to me - in each of the scene pages, the site the scene was for, was oddly absent. The biggest upshot though for me on the refreshing of the review - they seem to be focused more on "All Internal" series/site! For example, there were 9 updated for in June 2018, of those 4 were "All Internal"! Still, a great site with great content, well work a membership!

Having some exposure to some of the older content that was on the site, via DVD releases from Cruel Media (Give Me Pink, All Internal, Anal Attack), I had an idea what was in store. However, now they switched to a different direction/feel, things got better. The site is well laid out, very accessible and loaded with HOT girls, making it feel very... Welcoming. Although the site updates a little slower than I like, about every 3 or 4 days) It's a site I would easily recommend joining.
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With a name like "Perfect Gonzo", I was looking for some good scenes... And they are here. In Large quantities. The site centers around Euro girls, some big names are around, but most I've never heard or, nor seen; not surprising though. The site has been around since 2006, and has amassed just shy of 1800 videos! Of course not all of them are in HD, that didn't really take off until about half way through their updates; I would give a date, but the dating of the scenes is a relatively new addition. Currently there are 65 pages of updates and on page 29 is where the HD content starts to become prevalent. There also seemed to be a stark difference in direction in 2013, I'm not sure how to describe it, but the look and feel of the scenes were very different; and for the better in my opinion (both in style and image quality).

The scenes are categorized per site; AllInternal, AssTraffic, CumForCover, FisFlush, GiveMePink, MILFThing, PrimeCups, PurePOV, SpermSwap and TamedTeens. Only a few sites keep updated, which is a bummer, but as far as I can see the sites that are kept the most up to date are: AssTraffic, AllInternal, GiveMePink, PrimeCups, FistFlush and SpermSwap have seen some love, but their last updates were back in 2014. TamedTeens was last updated back in 2013. The others are pretty much dead, not having updates in a long time. At least they all offered up some HD content though.

Each scene was well represented, offering 2 and 4 download options. 2 were SD (480x270 & 960x540) and 2 were HD (1280x720 & 1920x1080), all in MP4 format. When streaming, there were only two options, HD and SD, but the resolution wasn't provided. Each scene also came with screen shots and pictures, both downloadable, as well as a trailer for the scene. Additional info is provided as well, things like tags, a synopsis, runtime and a cast list. The search was pretty decent too, although not very deep.