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Starring: Mrs. Peacock
Co-starring: Mr. Peacock

Reviewed by PL

(8.25 / 10)

Where to get it
Condoms: None
Overview: While I didn't have full access, I enjoyed my time on the site. I really liked the fact they were a swinging couple and especially the fact that Mrs. Peacock is so fuckin' hot! She's got one hell of an infectious smile! And honestly, that was my main focus - Mrs. Peacock - but, the site did focus some on Mr. Peacock as well, along with some of their friends. I'll admit though, it was a big turn on to see them swapping partners. Overall, if you are looking for a site that the sex is authentic in every scene, you are in for a treat. As much as I love produced porn for the close-ups shots and angles, nothing compares to real passion, and these folks seem to have it in spades. Definitely a site to check out.
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When you land on the main page, logged in or not, you are presented with a nice little intro vid of Ms. Peacock - and it works to pull you in, she's super fuckin' sexy with an infectious smile! Once you do log in you get access to the movies, pictures, and live video areas. The rest of the areas were free and were as follows. There was a store area, allowing you to buy some of the DVDs they have assembled, which I'm assuming is a mix of movies on the site and some bonus footage based on the description. You could also puy photos, but my favorite was the ability to buy his or her underwear! Based on the wording of the description, they even seemed to include a cream pie (worn after she's received on, presumably)! There was also a tip section, allowing you to send money to them without a commitment, along with a wishlist and a "Fuck Us" link - which lays out what they are looking for and how things are set up. Finally, there's an "Other" section, which has the years itinerary, and about us section, a blog, a log show schedule, FAQs, how to contact them, and finally a list of friend sites/links. A quick note though before jumping into the movies and pictures, the site allowed you to purchase some of them directly ad-hoc, ranging from $4.95 to $19.95 (again this is if you were not logged in).

On the videos tab (logged in) the same list of movies you see before you log in, with the newest movie(s) at the upper left - listed first. Normally pagination is used to layout several scenes, but no this list, it used something called infinite scroll - the movies load, or appear on the page, as you scroll down. Personally, this works for other things well, but for a listing of scenes, I don't feel it was the best choice. Maybe I'm just too used to the pagination approach. I can say I didn't have any technical issues with it. There was also a nice search feature, allowing pretty deep searching. I really liked the ability to click on a tag and have the movies automatically show the movies that were tagged with that tag. I also liked the fact you could filter between her vids, his vids, and search by other couples they have fucked! R

The Peacock Couple have a big Twitter presence and I really liked how they would call out the other Twitter users they had fucked - for example: "Full version of our orgy with @kerryleecohen & @RoxieRose69" Anyway clicking into a movie brought it up and it started playing. I was granted a special login to check things out, so I wasn't able to download movies, but rather only allowed to stream them, so this made sense. It did make me wonder how different things would be if downloading was an option. The movies themselves vary in quality, some were pretty clear, while others were rather blurry and somewhat hard to see. Honestly, though, it's a common thing in amateur movies, so it wasn't that big of a deal to me. As for the stream itself, I didn't see of a way to adjust the stream quality, but the interface did allow for pausing and backing up the last 10 seconds, which was a nice touch. Additionally, I wanted more POV action and more of the squirting action on camera. I checked out a few of the movies, some had some POV of Mrs. Peacock gettin' all wet and wild, but most didn't.

Finally, I wanted to mention the membership tiers
Tier 1: $9.95 a month (which seemed to be what I got), which allows you to only stream movies, but not download them.
Tier 2: $29.95 a month, this allowed the downloading of the movies
Tier 3: $49.95 every 2 months - Same as tier 2, but a $10 savings.
Tier 4: $249.95 a year - Same as tier 2, but a $100 savings.

Exclusive content
Overall site design (look and feel)
"Real" sex
Mrs Peacock

Not enough POV and cream pie footage
Inability to adjust stream quality
Inability to rate or comment on the scenes themselves.