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Co-starring: Prince Yahshua

Reviewed by PL

(6.75 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: I have a bit of respect for Prince, honestly. He seems like a genuinely good person by all accounts I've seen and had with him, and I really love the love he gives the females - in the scenes as well as in the social media world. I'm also pretty stoked for him to have his own production company (and agency). However, from the site standpoint, I was disappointed to see the scenes weren't exclusive content. I anticipate the site having even more great content in the future, it certainly has some good stuff now, but the site is still a bit too new with a pretty slow update schedule. I'd say give it some time to build up some content, which may take some time, given the slowness of new scenes being released.
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Being under the JamesDeen umbrella, the layout to the site is identical to the network

The site is still on the newer side, only sporting about, about 50 scene, but there's a kicker. Not all the scene as from OnlyPrince, in fact, only about a quarter of the scenes are. For example, a scene called "Kate England's Ass Punished by Huge Black Cock" is the same scene as "Kate England Owned By Prince" on - the scene was even watermarked as It was disappointing that the scenes weren't exclusive for that site, but also from the standpoint of if I was already a member of that site, the value of this site is diminished.

So, focusing on just the OnlyPrince scenes, it suffered from the same fate had, the pictures that were offered up were screenshots. Unlike DTFSluts though, these scenes had a produced feel and should have "pretty pictures" to accommodate. It's just too common on other sites to skip out on them. Additionally, the screens weren't downloadable - from a zip standpoint.

The intrusive ads were in this site as well, unfortunately.

The scene content is good
Multiple download and stream qualities
The ability to comment/rate scenes

Not a lot of content
Only screenshots available (no "pretty pics")
Slow updates; 1 per 10 days or so
Scenes are not exclusive (some are available on other sites in the network)