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Condoms: None
Overview: There's a LOT to like about this site. The number of years they have been around is staggering, since 2004 or so, maybe earlier, allowed for some serious content collection to happen. They were around when some of my favorites were in their hayday - girls like Lauren Phoenix, Avy Scott, Sandra Romain and Venus - just to name a few! Also, a lot of HD (720 or higher) content too, not to mention they have 4k and VR available - something most other sites don't. While the initial entry fee ($24 a month) is a little on the high side, you can regularly find deal on the site for $14, $12, $9, hell I think I've seen it as low as $5 a time or two. It's really hard to hate on this site at all, and I would highly recommend checking it out, minimally for a month, but I'm sure you will get sucked in for longer than that
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Once logged in, you are greeted with the latest 4 scenes, as well as a list of trending scenes, the latest 4 Virtual Reality (VR) scenes, along with various other content related to the site and things you have browsed around to. For example I had a "Sindy Lange" section, because at some point I had favorited her.

There was also a navigation bar, allowing you to browse the scenes by "Most Recent", "Category", "Fantasy Site" and "Pornstar", but also allowed you to check out the upcoming scenes as well. Unfortunately the few times I checked the upcoming scenes, nothing was listed, just "No upcoming videos available. Please check back soon.". Not a big deal, but hopefully it get's fixed. There was also a link dedicated to the VR section, which touted over 130 videos, which was impressive to me, but I'll touch more on VR later. Continuing down the navigation bar was a community link to a forum, a store (you can buy Naughty America T-shirts) and a deals link; an site, which I use on this site as well. Finally, there was a link to DreamLover (texting pornstars) and NA Live (Naughty America's live cam service) - Neither of which I explored. Finally, there was a search area. While it didn't give the option to select what to search on, it always did a good job producing results.

Back to the topic of VR. While I'm not setup for VR (honestly I have little interest in it so far, so forking over the cash for it now isn't something I plan on doing), the scenes looked fun and they seemed to have more "setup" to them. For example, the latest scene had a title "Afternoon Anal Affair" and had more of a box cover feel to the image that represented the scene. The other scenes lacked both of these things. Also, for those interested, you can also watch these in 2d if you snag the "Kolor Eyes by GoPro" app - all of which is detailed and outlined in the site. I tried a couple via the instructions and it worked out fine for me, but I'm sure the experience is much better in a VR environment...

So finally, on to the regular scenes. They were clearly marked as to who was in them, both male and female, which as a reviewer I really priced. Additionally, there was a release date, a synopsis, and categories (tags). Each scene was streamable in various qualities (1080/720/480), as well as downloadable in even more formats (4k, 1080, 720, 480, QuickTime, DVD, Normal, Mobile and a couple 5-minute clips). There were also some accompanying images from the scene, along with other scenes that featured the girl(s) in the scenes, as well as other scenes in the series (for example "My Friend's Hot Girl"). Each scene also had pictures, which were browseable, as well as downloadable in zip format.

A LOT of content, including a lot of HD content
4K content
Fast downloads/streaming
Lots of Virtual Reality (VR) content
Easy navigation
Daily updates
Lots of download & streaming options

Too many "Live Girls" ads - it was very easy to click on these in the scenes
Don't get access to all the sites - some examples were "Big Tits VR" and "Mrs Creampie" - and they are sometimes sprinkled into the normal scenes or search results.