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Co-starring: Dirty Harry

Reviewed by PL

(6.75 / 10)

Where to get it
Condoms: None
Overview: The site is moving upwards in terms of quality so it earned a few extra points from me (.25). The new scenes with Jenna and Emma weren't as unappealing to me as the other ones I watched, and they looked much better as well. I got good speeds from the site, and that means a lot to me. I was getting nearly 1MB spikes, but hovered around 800 kb/sec most of the time. Personally I wouldn't go for this site, although if you like rough sex, you should be interested to some degree. I dig it but this is a little too far for me. I will say they have a nice line up of pros and hopefully they start updating the site more. And start going bigger and better on the picture quality as well as the picture (stills) quality as well. All in all, if the drawbacks I mentioned above don't deter you, this is a site for you. Be prepared for lots of degradation, but that's the point of the site and it's not like it's not well known. Just be warned.
When I was asked to reviews this site, I knew it had some history, or "baggage". Hell just the name of the site lets you know, more or less, what you are in for... I had to be fair though, I had only heard stories and never seen the content. Now I have and I can talk to it. First the site is passed off as rough sex. I like rough sex, as long as it's consensual, and from what I saw this was. Now where I started to lose interest was when the verbal degradation kicked in. When done right it works with the rough sex theme, but here it just went a bit wrong to me. For example, after a scene, one girl was apologizing for her complexion; apparently she was having some skin problems. The cameraman/director (who I think was Khan Tusion) was just a dick about it. Telling her she's a train wreck or something. Not my cup of tea. But some of the scenes I checked out were OK though... Although the newer scenes (mentioned below) do not seem to be guided by Khan. Regardless, the site is pretty infamous and I think it deserves some objectiveness. After all, we all have our personal likes and dislikes.

The site had a fair amount of content, but it's pretty dated... Most of the content is from Sept. 2006 to Dec. 2007, except for two scenes just added in July this year. One from Emma Heart, in which case she had her new boobies, so it's definitely a newer scene. And then there was one added of Jenna Presley, and again it's the "new" Jenna. And that leads me to one of my problems with the site, a lack of updates. Anyway, there were 70 girls/scenes in total, and some pretty notable names in my opinion. Girls like Venus, Eva Angelina, Ariana Jollee, Nautica Thorn, Kelly Wells and Dasha! Looking through that list along I can see some of the girls doing this type of thing, then I can see some that I wouldn't imagine doing it... It, being this rough stuff.

The site also consists of various themes as well. Lots of anal and deep throating action, coupled with a lot of 2 on 1. Either 2 guys on one girl or a girl and a guy "teaming-up" against one girl. An example was Dirty Harry and Delilah Strong "teamed-up" to do a number on a girl name Brynn. And using this scene for an example, but all scenes had this, there was a categories section, detailing what went on in the scene. Helpful, but I'm not sure I liked what happened you clicked one. Since you are in the "Meat Members" sites, it takes you to all the scenes in the network with that theme.

All the scenes were broken up in to varying lengths of files or clips, and were normally available in WMV or MPG for download or just playing through your browser. Almost all, if not everyone, had a "Low" (360x240) option, which was a smaller resolution, but most had a "High" (720x524 or 512x384) option. The higher resolution videos were good, but the low stuff wasn't so good. As expected I guess. Mostly only the newer scenes (Emma, Jenna and a very few others, maybe 1 or 2 that I seen) had options to download the whole movie in one shot. Offering WMV or MPG, then also allowing a Flash stream too. Personally I think they should have gone back and edited all the older stuff together to offer up in this manner as well. There were also pics and screen caps. The screen caps were only on the new scenes, but the "HighRes Photos" were on every page. Unfortunately, they were not "HighRes" at all. The older videos were merely screen captures and the 2 new scenes had much better quality, actually pictures taken during the scene, but they weren't "HighRes"; at least they weren't what I would consider HighRes, they were only 900x600.

Here's some of my captures from the site.

Tyla Wynn - video capture of the "Low" quality video.
Nauta Thorn - "HighRes" picture
Emma Heart - "HighRes" picture
Gia Paloma's page
Jenna Presley - video capture of the "High" quality video.
Harmony Rose - video capture of the "High" quality video.