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Reviewed by PL

(7.75 / 10)

Condoms: None
Update: 01/13/2018
Getting baack to checking out the site, it's still going strong. I was hoping for more cream pies, but they weren't there unfortunatly. Regardless, still quality content getting pushed out, but at new price; $24.99 (an increase from what it was).

This site is a BBW lovers dream. I wouldn't say I'm a huge BBW fan, but I do appreciate women of all sizes and that's what sparked the interested from me in this site and its review. Being BBWs, most all the girls are nice and busty too, so tit lovers can find some fun here just the same. I did think some of the specialties were lacking, things like anal (24 scenes), creampies (5 scenes), DP (3 scenes) and interracial (11 scenes). The site seems to have been running since 2013 and has over 350 updates, not a lot of content, but an OK amount of content. I did liked how clean the navigation was and how snappy the site was, but it needs to diversify a little more and site's features need a little polish. Overall, I liked it, and would recommend at least a month to check it out. And especially if BBWs are your thing, as this is a good starting point!
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Inside the site, you're greeted with straight-forward navigation and the next scenes to come (with dates on them too). And after I seen that, I really liked it, although the updates came a few days apart, I liked knowing exactly when the next update would be. The site is centered around movies, so there were two main ways to list them, via updates (latest first) or by category. You could of course browse to a models page and get to certain ones there, but I'll over that in a moment. Anyway, each scene is streamable, but unfortunately you couldn't pick the steam quality. It wasn't bad quality to start, by any means, but it's something I like to see and have; even if I don't use it often. I'll also say the initialization of the video and skipping around in the video was fast, only taking a second or two to be where I wanted to be. Also, each movie was downloadable, offering iPhone/mobile, 480, 720 and 1080 offerings. Additionally, each scene had a photo set too, which a link could be clicked on to get to. The pictures were all laid out on the page (paginated) and downloadable. Additionally you could leave comments and rate the movie. But there was something I noticed missing, the ability to favorite movies, a pretty standard feature from what I've seen, and one that I see a lot of value in.

Over on the model pages, they were all listed by first name and paginated, but that's about it. There was no way to search for a girl any other way other than going page by page... So, clicking on a model to you to her page, listing all the scenes she was in, along with some stats like aliases, birth date and nationality, but not all of them were filled in. I looked at several individual model pages and seen "None, None" and that's it...