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Reviewed by PL

(8.25 / 10)

Condoms: None
Overview: The name really does speak to the site and its quality of content, which of course gives is quite a bit of appeal. It was very modern feeling and was easy to navigate and I really liked the write-ups on the model pages. While it's not stacked with a lot of content, it's built up a decent number (76) of scenes (all of which are available in 4K - pretty sweet) and are packed with good action - with some of today's top names. It's a little expensive at the base price, but you can find it on sale (for example here) sometimes for as low as $9.95 a month, making it a no-brainer to sign up for!
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Inside the site you land in an area that gives you the top rated and latest scenes, along with an area to see when (a countdown and who is in) the upcoming scene. I really liked this feature, even if the updates were a bit too spread out for my taste (1 per week). Finally, there were some "special deals" from other sites - some pretty good ones too, both in price and name.

The navigation was pretty standard, offering up a path to the scenes, and of course the ladies on the site. Additionally there was a "Cams" that took you to an external site for cam girls, along with a blog that was free, some site deals and an area you can see all the scenes/girls you have tagged as a favorite. Finally, there was an area for series too. Some seemws like legit series, but some seemed "just a way to bucket a scene", and an example of that would be the "4K Ultra HD Porn" series - which would qualify every scene on the site - but others that should be in that boat would be pushed into one of the others since they had a specific point.

Each scene was streamable and downloadable in various qualities (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 2160p), along with being tagged with various fun in the scene, who (male and female) was in the scene and what series the video was in. I really liked the identification of the guy with the girl in the scene. Moreover, there was a way to like or dislike the scene, along with how many times it's been viewed, it's runtime and a synopsis. Finally, there was a link to the pictures, and an area to give comments (which didn't seem like folks used much) and see other related scenes. The pictures were downloadable via a link to a zip, but the count of the photos was a little low. It wasn't really a big issue for me, but some places offer hundreds of photos of a scene, the count here is a bit lower - around 50 or so.

Finally, over to the girls. Each girl had a page that gave a biography of her, along with some stats, her "thumbs up rating" and a list of her scenes. Additionally, there were interviews and behind the scenes, something I didn't see directly linked in the scenes and I really didn't see a space dedicated to the ideas (BTS/Teasers) - something I think they should add. Anyway, some of the bios were pretty in-depth, others not so much, but I really liked the fact these pages existed. Oh, and the guys got similar treatment, very nice!

Exclusive content
All scenes in 4K
Quality shot scenes
Ability to comment and like/dislike videos

Slow updates - about 1 per week
Not a lot of scenes
Expensive entry fee - $30 a month.