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Reviewed by PL

(6.00 / 10)

Condoms: None
Overview: Update: 11/15/2017: Coming back into the fray, The site hasn't improved really. The same problems still exist, but I did notice one thing I didn't notice in my first review, and it's a big bummer. The DVDs available are almost a full year behind the current releases. For example, Squirt Gangbang #5 is the latest DVD on the site, that movie was released in late 2017! I was really hoping to get to check out some of the newer stuff from Pat Mayne (off the top of my head Anal Workout #4, Big Black Wet Asses #15 and Naughty Natasha) but sadly, it's not possible via the site... A shame. Being a little behind to drive DVD sales, I can understand, but a full year it ridiculous. The overall score has been updated to reflect the updated review.

Apparently, this change is due to the fact there is a and a - This review USED to be for, but that's been changed over to the "streaming only" service, while allows downloads, but is ancient content. Be warned! is a pretty good site, but not quite as good as I was expecting considering its recent past. I feel some of the recent turmoil has contributed to that; losing Mason and William H. were HUGE loses. Hopefully Directors such as Bonnie Rotten, Toni Ribas and Pat Myne can pick it up. I know Pat has done some very good work in the past. Anyway, with erratic updates, disjointed picture sets from the scenes, movies/scenes that should have been in HD weren't and no large covers for the movies made for some notable issues for me. Still though, there's LOTS of good porno to be had here, with access to some higher quality stuff than you can buy on Blu-Ray, but some you can't buy, (and oddly) the newer releases like Cuties #8, Ink'd Squirt, Big Wet Asses #24 and Big Wet Tits #14.
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Jumping at the chance to check out one of my favorite companies, I took this site on with some high expectations. inside the door, you are treated to a LOT of scenes. 8 of the featured ones, 8 of the latest ones and 4 of the most popular porn stars on the site. There were also sections to dig deeper into the videos, behind the scenes, pictures, porn stars and DVDs. The distinctive difference between the pictures and porn stars is the fact the porn star pages show all the girls, the pictures link show the picture sets that are from scenes. Which leads me to an issue I had... The pictures sets are so disjointed from the scenes/DVDs. Neither one really link back to one another. Strange. Another section was the Store, which was self explanatory, and a blog that's been left behind since September 2014. Then a forum that I could never get to load.

Ultimately, for me, this site's heart and soul was the DVDs section. When you get there, the DVDs are listed with the latest ones listed first, but they were missing their latest "Bush #4". Apparently released on the 8th of this May, but still not listed. Bummer too, a movie I would want to see for sure! Most of the movies, going back to sometime in 2010, were in HD with some exceptions. Why, I'm not sure, but it wasn't very many. Maybe 10 or so. Although there were some interesting hiccups in the scene listings. Some of the newer movies like Ink'd Squirt and Big Wet Tits #14 were missing scenes, although if you did some digging, you could find the missing perspective scene on the site; just not "linked" back to the movie proper.