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Reviewed by PL

(6.25 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: has a concept that I feel like I've seen before but I can't quite put my finger on it. That feel, or formula, was basically James Deen fucking a girl with a camera on a stand of sorts. More often than not, it was him fucking a girl with just the two of them in the scene. This often lead to poor shots of the action. Sure, James would occasionally pick the camera up and go POV style, but it would be set back down and he would get back to work. I can't say I blame him much based on the lovely ladies he was boning Additionally there would be additional people joining in, which was a nice change, but overall, it just didn't click for me overall. I will say a couple of things though. One, the girls didn't look overly made up, very natural looking, which lead to the "real" feeling of it all. I really liked that. Two, James always brought the heat and energy to the scenes, giving the girls a good fucking. I would say if you're fond of voyeur-esqe porn, this should work for you, otherwise, I'd make sure the site was on a special before joining.
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Inside the member's area, you are greeted with a list of your favorite scenes, upcoming scenes, the latest scenes and the most popular scenes. The navigation was pretty straightforward with the typical videos/ models/categories/search (etc.). It also had some goodies like "Trusted Partners" (sites in the same network) and "Special offers" (discounts for several sites outside the network, like Evil Angel, Erotica X and new Sensations to name a few).

The site consisted of roughly 170 scenes, which wasn't bad but wasn't all that great. All the scenes were downloadable in 1080, 720 and 480, along with being streamable in the same sizes/qualities. I had issues with downloads though, when I checked the 720 quality files, they were actually 480 files, but certainly the proper size (on disc). Each movie had a synopsis, the ability to comment/rate each one them, along with tags and a picture set link. Unfortunately, the nature of the site ("real style" or "reality" POV) left the pictures not really all that valuable in my eyes - they were screenshots. So, if you downloaded the movie, you had the pictures. Additionally, there was no way to download all the screenshots that were available. Finally, each scene had a rather intrusive ad right under the movie.

Multiple download and stream qualities
The ability to comment/rate scenes
Minimal makeup

Slow updates, 1 week (and some were BTS updates - not even full scenes)
No pictures (not counting screenshots as pictures)
No way to download the screensshots (no zip file)
The style of the scenes didn't always work
The download files were innaccurate