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Reviewed by PL

(8.25 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: I wasn't aware that was in the Fcuk Cash network until I started digging around, and then I got excited. I then had an idea of what to expect, coupled with the fact I enjoy interracial porn and creampies... I was sure I was going to enjoy my time in the site. After logging in, the site felt similar to and, in terms of layout and navigation, even a in scene execution, but it had one thing the others didn't - black guys fucking white girls. Like those sites, the girls were unknown to me, which I enjoyed. They were also well varied, again, something I liked a lot. The premise is a girl think she's coming over to fuck a white guy to do a scene but ends up "black ambushed" and gets roped into fucking a black guy. While the site started off (earlier scenes) doing something I consider to be gimmicky, blurring the face of the guys (but I get it - it perpetuated the amateur idea), they eventually moved away from that. The site has only been around a year now, and sports over 60 videos, a lot of which end in a cream pie. Those are always a favorite of mine and I was super stoked about them, honestly. Although the site's layout and navigation feel a bit dated, it gets the job done, but there could be some work done to make the streaming better. Maybe it's intentional though, giving it more of an amateur feel, either way though, it's a site I'd recommend if you are into the theme of black guys on white girls - and of course... Like cream pie action!
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Logging into the site, you are presented with large navigation with links to the home page, popular scenes, the girls, a search, your favorites, and deals. All are pretty straight forward, but the search was pretty robust. Allowing you to pick any or all of a predetermined set of keywords, along with the ability to pick the user rating, coupled with a few different ways to sort the results.

Further down the page, there was a banner and some introductory text, then we got to the good stuff - the scenes/ladies! They were listed with the latest one first, each had the date it was added, 10 screens shots and a (short) synopsis of the action - they were also paginated. In total, there were scenes. Clicking into the scene you are greeted with the same 10 screenshots, along with the ability to add it to your favorites, an expanded synopsis, the rating of the scene, the ability to give the scene a rating and, of course, the ability to watch it! You could stream the scene, which would open a popup to play. You could skip around and do volume control, even make it full screen, but there was no option to adjust the stream's quality. You could download the scene as well, but you were only limited to two options - "High Def" and "Standard".

The look/feel of the scenes - well lit, but still amature feeling
Lots of cream pies!
Varietiy of girls
Some 2 on 1 action

Inability to adjust stream quality
Monthly membership is a little expensive
Slow update schedule - 1 every 2 weeks