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Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: I had reached out to PornFidelity/TeenFidelity to do some scenes reviews and was introduced to this site, one I hadn't seen. This was the first time I've really paid attention to "5K" porn. I've seen flashes of 4K all over the place, but honestly, I've not had much desire to look into those scenes. The ultra quality wasn't something I was actively looking for. I think I need to revisit that, checking out some 4k scenes. The site said "visually breathtaking video", I think that's a pretty accurate description of the video quality. Honestly, I was mesmerized by it. The quality of the camera work was right up the ally of PornFidelity/TeenFidelity, but seeming not as focused on cream pies - a shame in my eyes, however, later scenes were starting to incorporate them. The site just launched in late December, the 30th was the first scene posting, and they have been releasing about 1 scene a week, giving it little in the terms of content. Currently only sporting 13 scenes at the time of this review. While it's going to take a little while to really get a foothold like PornFidelity/TeenFidelity has. Overall, the site isn't too bad at $20 a month, considering how amazing the content is but also taking into consideration the slower drip of content, I'd recommend it for the video enthusiasts out there!
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Inside the site, I was greeted with 2 things that stuck out, very large images that represented the scenes and a notice of what hardware should be used to ensure smooth playback. Quickly, I looked over the specs and my PC exceeded those - I have an i7-6700 3.4GHz with 32 GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB of video RAM) with an SSD. More on that later. There was also a models page, which I like how it was presented; large pictures of the hotties that lie within the site. There was also a search feature, but it's a bit limited in use since there is a rather limited number of scenes.

Over on the scenes, the file size for the 5k movies was large, between 10 and 15GB per file, and the 1080 files were no slouch for size either. Those came in at 4 to 6GB. As mentioned earlier, my PC exceeded the specs (which I didn't take note of), but my PC still struggled to play the files. They would appear choppy and blocky and get stuck as audio would keep going, sometimes catching up. Maybe it was my player, VLC, I'm not sure, I didn't dig too far into it honestly. I will say this, aside from the choppy-ness of the files, the image quality was amazing. Even on the 1080 files, which were my fall-back size, the image quality was noticeably crisper than others I've seen/reviewed.

Each scene was streamable and downloadable, as mentioned, and each one of them had pictures. However, a stray from the norm was the fact there was no way to download the pictures as a zip, which struck me as very odd. Each one also had a synopsis, how long the video was, how many pictures there were when the scene was \ published and who was in the scene. Additionally, there was a comments section, allowing users to leave feedback, of which some users weren't happy with the earlier scenes that were lacking the "tradition of creampies" that PornFidelity/TeenFidelity is known for. However, some of the more recent ones have moved towards them!

5K Looked pretty awesome when I could get it to kind of work on my computer
High-quality scenes, as in how they were shot and presented
Exclusive scenes
Modern feel to the site

5k didn't seem to work as expected considering the oulined specs - which I met.
Low content - typical of new sites though
Slower release schedual