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Dog House Digital Casey Ballerini
(click to enlarge) Casey Ballerini (2018)

Starring: Casey Ballerini
Co-starring: Chris Cock, Jason Brown, Lexington Steele, Ray Black, Slim Poke

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.46 / 10)

Where to get it
28 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From the DOGFART site, WATCHING MY DAUGHTER GO BLACK.COM, what we have here, is a 5 man, interracial Gangbang involving, young, vibrant blonde, Casey Ballerini. It is actually my first ever experience with DOGFART, as a fan, and as a reviewer, and for the most part, I have to say that I enjoyed what I got. What really surprised me here, was is the overall nature of the scene. I did not expect this scene to have a touch of comedy to it, but indeed it does, and I loved it. The performances here, as far as acting is concerned, were funny and entertaining, without being too over-the-top. Not only is this by first time reviewing for DOGFART, it is also my first time seeing Casey Ballerini in action. Casey as far as her acting goes, as the troubled teenager who is desperate to find a way out of a predicament, is great for what it is. The cast of guys participate in the scene, Lexington Steele, Chris Cock Jason Brown, Slim Poke, and Ray black, have very little to do in terms of acting, but what they do is good - especially when it comes to the fucking part. There is also an older gentleman who portrays Casey's stepfather in the scene. Since this is my first experience with DOGFART, I'm not sure if this guy portrays the dad in every scene on this site or not - but dude is kinda creepy. He's perfect for his role. Overall, the sex in the scene is good. It's not too intense, but it flows well. And man, I'm really impressed with Casey physically she has a very nice, tight body, including a pair of amazing tits. All in all I enjoyed the scene.
Cast: Casey Ballerini (with Chris Cock, Jason Brown, Lexington Steele, Ray Black, Slim Poke)
Rating: 7.46/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary
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In this scene, Casey Ballerini has just turned 18. Unfortunately, though she has a setback, as she has destroyed the transmission of her dad's company car, causing $1200 worth of damage that she, nor her dad can pay. Of course this is a problem with the body shop and the men who worked on the car. It is Friday and they want their money. This is when the men begin to strategize over alternate "payment methods". They soon all come to an agreement that young Casey will serve them just fine. This, as they then strip her of her top and then her denim shorts. After this, it isn't long before the 5 guys gather in a circle around Casey, as she sucks them off. During which, Casey states how big their dicks are, and that her boyfriend, who is white, doesn't compare. Next up, Casey is on her knees in a chair, as they take her from behind. First, it's Lexington Steele, followed by Ray Black, as Casey sucks off Jason Brown. This then sees, Chris Cock, Slim Poke, and Jason Brown get a turn in doggy, all while Casey cleans the cocks of the rest of the guys. After this, the guys position Casey on her back, as they all, for a time, fuck her pussy in missionary. This, as she continuously, has her mouth stuffed with cock simultaneously. Finally following this up, is Casey on her knees, while rubbing her clit, as each guy proceeds to drop their load on her face, which of course, finishes out the scene.