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A part of the network Lisa's Royal Anal Treatment
(click to enlarge) Lisa's Royal Anal Treatment (2019)

Starring: Lisa Ann
Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Directed by Mike Adriano

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
60 Min ( 1 hr 0 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: The scene description accurately paints Lisa Ann as royalty in the scene summary on the True Anal site itself. Proper branding of a returning star that lands here with an exclusive scene for fans to dig into. Now a momentous occasion because this meeting takes place after Lisa Ann's recent revisiting to her everlasting career. Brand new scenes like this are why the supporters stay. Both Lisa's kingdom and Mike Adriano's cult will meet here for this beneficial booty basher of a scene. This is a vignette that should go viral within the legions of supporters. Going in with that glory you should expect to see your usual sex items on Mike Adriano's menu. This entails rimming, close-up POV of anal penetration, gaping, and the anal infused cowgirl rides. The usual flesh piece of Mike Adriano's fat meat is what is going to poke into Lisa Ann's ass. This True Anal scene contains his signature interviews that are at the beginning. Here Lisa Ann reveals what she has been up to since she came back which is about her involvement in the fantasy sports world. She also writes books and likes to go on adventures as she summates. If you're a diehard follower you already know all of this. But the point of the buildup is excitement as you'll see Lisa Ann strip herself of the red mini skirt she starts the scene wearing. Then the inspection of beauty proceeds. A perfect way to digest this exclusive and valuable anal vision from True Anal celebrating what was 5 years coming.
Cast: Lisa Ann (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Anal Missionary
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The standard opening questions turn to reminiscing between these two industry stalwarts. They're covering the fact that Lisa Ann was Mike Adriano's first scene in the United States. This piece of history is a part of their first meeting adding some prestige, this bodes well for a collector that happens to put this scene on their screen to watch. Lisa Ann stands up from the couch she is sitting on to model her boobs and tight body for the camera. You'll hear Mike Adriano shed some excitement behind the camera as the inspection of a goddess is going on. The skirt around her body now being slowly pulled up to reveal some white thong panties, she pulls those down next. She does it twice per Mike's request. "Your ass has always been so round.." Mike observes.

"She's gotten me places, this ass." Lisa Ann will answer back. She is now standing with a hiked up skirt and naked butt to reveal her desirable tan lines on her hot ass that is soon to be worshipped. Her boobs are spilled out of her top as they celebrate the day of anal that is about to ensue. More skirt hiking happens, furthering the purpose of this tease. Fully naked now to pose her extreme butt arches for the camera as Mike's eye glides by. The "hourglass body" is brought into his visual dissection of this fine beauty that is Lisa Ann. Her arch is further identified when she is sitting on a chair butt-naked for ultimate cheek hang. The camera showing all kinds of spinning angles of this awesome ass arch, Mike finally jumps into a frame for a munching of some of that butt. Eagerly stuffing his face deep in her cheeks for the sloppy sucks to savor in.

While her naked arch is being eaten by Mike a coating of oil is administered to show the pristine shape of the butt feast. These magic movements are augmented by the shine as Mike Adriano's mouth disappears behind the booty. Next, expect the mesmerizing tease walking of a big butt jiggling with every rapid step. The camera also catches juggling juicy motions in a brief tease walk. This will set up the anal penetration segment next.

The anal insertion is precise and methodic and the administering of the oil is sloppy as it spills everywhere. The pumping of the butt is being filmed next as Mike's cock is head deep in sphincter pushing puncturing. A steady camera is there for the viewer delivering every pump in quality HD. When Mike Adriano pulls out for a moment a glob of lube drools out of Lisa's butthole showing the detail of this sodomy session. Mike hops in for more solid pumps in a sideways view. The next position moves to Lisa Ann on her back with legs erected in the air for an ass swallowing session of anal missionary. Her butt cheeks are heavily lubed up for these sessions. During the precise close-ups of these anal thrusts, Mike's hard cock will prematurely pop. He pulls out of the butthole quickly to do this, blaming it on the clenching of Lisa's tight ass.

Speaking of butthole Mike is back like the anal soldier he is pounding open some gapes for the camera. Lisa Ann jokingly jabs "I get to cum as many times as I want…" as she says this Mike Adriano is mid piston pump into her asshole.

Time to shine up those tits! Lisa Ann grabs a bottle of sleaze sauce to coat her special boobs with a layer of oil. Her butt gets more fluids to coat it as well in this booty basting. Mike can be heard off camera getting ready for more anal insertions. This will occur with a standing arch into doggy. Mike Adriano giving us a zoomed in view of this anal invasion that carries over to an awesome arch of even more doggy butt fucking. An ass to mouth foray happens as Lisa Ann snatches Mike's cock to suck. He jumps back into the butthole for more penetration. Mike loves it in doggy as he heralds one of the best asses in this business. An overhead POV shot of butt pumping is given to the viewers next. The doggy session is understandably prolonged especially when the gape gloves are being worn by Mike. Some zooming in of the openings will transpire for the True Anal loyal.

The position changes towards the end of this scene are the best. We end up getting a screen-filling shot of Lisa Ann's cheeks being smashed in anal cowgirl. She backs into him with reverse cowgirl for a fuck back segment allowing more ass arches with a dick in it. The insertion of cum is blasted right in between Lisa Ann's butt cheeks. The seepage of cum is focused on as she sits to the side to let it seep out concluding this sizzling sleaze scene.