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A part of the network Khloe's Anal Debut
(click to enlarge) Khloe's Anal Debut (2019)

Starring: Khloe Kapri
Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Directed by Mike Adriano

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.50 / 10)

Where to get it
61 Min ( 1 hr 1 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: For this particular scene from TRUE ANAL, you have a first for the female performer Khloe Kapri, as she participates in her first on screen anal sex scene. From my understanding, previously Khloe had appeared on TRUE ANAL, as of part of a three-way pairing. However in this case, she returns for a one on one with Mike Adriano, during which she is looking to get her ass fucked. And lucky for her, Adriano is more than up for the task. In fact, it is an occasion that he says that he has been waiting for, for some time. As is the case with all of Mike Adriano's scenes, this scene with Chloe begins with a little chat, as he gets her to pose a little bit. However, for this scene, there is not much by way of this, as both parties seem to be too eager to get into the action. They do just that as the action quickly goes into missionary, as Mike spends an extended period of time here working, and stretching Khloe's asshole. Surprisingly it is a hole that is actually super stretchy. Her gape is so cooperative that, it is actually surprising that Khloe had not participated in more anal, up until this point. It is of course from there that we see Mike fuck Khloe steadily throughout, giving her exactly what she came to him for. Overall, when it comes to this scene personally, in terms of my enjoyment of it, my feelings are fairly mixed. This is because the scene in my opinion, has both pros and cons. I will start with the cons. Of course this is only my opinion. To me, I felt that this scene at certain points, got a little bit repetitive, as we are for sure watching the same thing, over and over again for extended periods of time. Though yes, what was going on might have felt good for the performers, but for the viewers, at least for some of us, it is a bit drawn out, and tiring after awhile. Honestly, this seems to be a reoccurring thing for most Mike Adriano scenes, so it's almost not fair to fault this particular scene for that. Beyond this however, the scene does have it's key components. As I have already mentioned it, Khloe's gape showing here is pretty spectacular. I also enjoyed the way that she had control over her ability to wink and pulsate it. The second thing I would make note of Khloe's overall enthusiasm for what is occurring. She is genuinely excited to have her ass fucked by Mike Adriano, thus marking the first occasion for on-screen anal sex for her. This enthusiasm also comes coupled with some on-point dirty talk from Khloe as well. I loved it when she told Mike that you really knew how to work that ass, as well as telling him to fuck her tight little ass. I know that it is just dirty talk, but in my opinion, it just added a little bit more spark to the action at hand. Elsewhere, the anal action flows fairly well. But, it is that minor feeling of repetitiveness, that sort of hinders it a bit for me. But just like in my previous TRUE ANAL review, I myself will be repetitive in saying that I feel that the action got over that "hump" so to speak, once things progressed to cowgirl. It's from there that things got harder, and the pace, quicker. This all resulting in s nice conclusion. One including Khloe's first anal orgasm, as well as being topped off with an anal creampie. So yes, it does have it's strong points. To sum it up, all I can tell you is that when it comes to this scene I have a mixed reaction to it. I really like Khloe Kapri, and yes I did enjoy this somewhat for what it is, yet at the same time I'm not overly excited about what I saw. It's good. That's all. I may be in the minority here, as I read some of the comments from the members on TRUE ANAL, and this scene is indeed well-received. With this in mind, I will close by saying see this one for yourself and see how you personally enjoy it.
Cast: Khloe Kapri (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Missionary(anal), Cowgirl(anal), Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Doggy(anal)
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Mike Adriano says that today is a special day. It is a day that he has been waiting for for some time, he says. It's the day that he finally gets to fuck Khloe Kapri in the ass. This scene will be Khloe's first on screen anal sex scene. Khloe says that up until this point, that she has only ever had 2 dicks in her ass - and none since beginning porn. As Mike has Khloe stand up, he asks her what she believes to be her best assets Khloe says she believes them to be her lips and ass, and maybe her eyes. They also go on to discuss creative ways which Khloe has been hit on. After some posing, and after Khloe says that she hopes that we enjoy seeing her ass fucked as much as she enjoy getting it, the action is soon underway.

Khloe is then on her back, as Mike goes on to drown his cock in oil, prior to puncturing Khloe's butthole, for the first time in a long time. Khloe is delighted at this time by pleasure, as Mike runs in and out of her hole. This action occurs over an extended period of time, as there are several pauses, during which Mike pull out to show Khloe's gape. It's with each reveal, that the gape grows bigger and bigger. This, as Mike continue to stretch Khloe's hole with his cock. Mike makes it known that he almost came, as he pulls out for a final time. Following this, Khloe says that her ass feels good gripping the cock, and that she loves feeling the head of Mike's cock go in and out. Khloe then oils up her tits and ass, prior to the action going to cowgirl. Here, we see Khloe bounce on the cock. This, as her ass is stretched. The more that it does, the quicker the pace becomes, as Khloe's asshole is slammed. The next position is reverse cowgirl, as Khloe bounces back on the cock. This again including several gape reveals. After this, Khloe follows up by sucking Mike's cock, working it hard, as she at one point work the shaft with both hands. However next, the action picks up in doggy. From here, Mike fucks steadily, as Khloe's gape grows wider. It is after some time that Khloe lets it be known that she wants Mike to cum in her ass. And so the action continues until Mike must cum, He eventually pulling out to shoot his load into Khloe's gape, which brings an end to the scene.