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A part of the network Kendra's TrueAnal Comeback
(click to enlarge) Kendra's TrueAnal Comeback (2019)

Starring: Kendra Lust
Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Directed by Mike Adriano

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(8.50 / 10)

Condoms: None
Overview: All comebacks are good in any form. On any scale whether a full-fledged career comeback or in this case a reuniting of a performer and director. Adriano has the ability to raise some of the best asses from their slumbers and back in front of his camera. This is Kendra Lust's second time back to this anal temple of True Anal. This celebratory scene is an exclusive that can currently be found on True Anal's member site. This is considered a huge comeback because Kendra Lust has the tendency to "shut down the internet" with these huge announcements. Her booty demands all sorts of love from her fans and it looks so great here in this current visitation of anal penetration. Kendra comes equipped with nothing but a telling outfit that shows she is ready to satisfy her hungry fans in this hour-long True Anal dive. Mike Adriano starts his usual formula of questioning and studying the specimen's butt that he is about to bang. I've always thought Mike Adriano's scene openings were more elaborate than other "teases" you'll see in gonzo porn. His style buries the viewer in the starlet's butt that is about get fucked open. It is a great way to also get into a new performer or in Kendra Lust's case get even closer to the love of a favorite. These types of scenes should be cherished and it is a prized exclusive to boot. This golden perk probably brought some new members to the site just to watch the ass banging extravagance of a butt goddess for themselves.
Cast: Kendra Lust (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Doggy, Cowgirl, Rimming, Missionary
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Mike has been hoping round 2 with Kendra Lust would happen and his wish has materialized before him in this scene opener. Kendra Lust sits before, in her own words, the "King of Anal" on a couch rubbing her body intently. The camera doesn't take long to get in position for the sneak-a-peek shots of Kendra pulling up her silver shiny skirt. She stands up to fully lift the shiny mini-skirt that is skin tight on her body.

Kendra Lust's ass now fully hanging out of her metallic looking garment to display perfect butt-cut as she puckers her cheeks up for a close-up. More poses occur with Kendra grabbing her ankles and erecting her naked booty in the air. After that move, she flips around to face the camera to drop her top. Boobs become part of the inspection briefly before we see Kendra Lust strip her entire outfit off. The butt cheeks and asshole stay the focus of her modeling for this turning and twisting tease. The booty arch is the next chapter of this detailed butt inspection. A zoom of her winking asshole takes up the screen as Mike Adriano raises the topic of anal sex on film. This is only the second time on his set for a True Anal shoot she reiterates.

The tease walking segment ensues as Kendra quickly paces her steps with her ass in front of the camera for the sole purpose of seeing jiggling naked cheeks fill up a screen. Some asses require this attention to detail as they are a beautiful sight just naked alone. The build-up is there too as Kendra will toy with her butt before a guaranteed scene of butthole banging that this all leads to.

Kendra Lust is arched over completely naked with a purple butt plug inserted in her as a primer to some sphincter splitting that is about to happen. Some more tastes of teasing as Mike Adriano will bury his face between two pristine butt cheeks. His diet for this quick munch is Kendra Lust's rectum and pussy lips. This mastication occurs after the butt plug is removed of course. Kendra helps with a cheek lift to give Mike access to some in-depth rimming. He'll finger her butthole too.

Legs in the air and laying on her back Kendra Lust is open for more tongue-deep rimming to her butthole. If you have headphones like I did when watching this scene you can hear Mike Adriano beat his cock off camera as you see him tongue into Kendra Lust's asshole (if you have the volume turned up). This is right before he busts out a lube injector to briefly insert a glob of lube into her butthole. A full squeeze bottle of the sleazy liquid is also applied as the first pokes of anal insertion are before us. The missionary spread is lube heavy and has Mike starting with a steady pace of dick-to-butthole insertion. "I'm going to cum early today, I know it… " Mike Adriano admits as he in full pump mode into Kendra Lust's asshole.

During these full-fledged butt fucks in missionary, the camera is par for the course with its close-ups. The POV shot has Kendra singing as she cums hard for Mike while he pushes deeper into Kendra Lust's open asshole. Mike pulls out of this meaty missionary segment to get his cock blown briefly for a steady transition of sex positions. They sneak in some French kissing for the camera as they step closer to each other. I noticed Kendra Lust with Mike's wiener in her hand while they were close together like this, retaining the chemistry. A standing doggy session is next as both bodies are locked again in anal. Kendra getting looks at the camera with slutty dirty talk as Mike is barreling away into her booty.

Big booty is about to mount in cowgirl anal for the True Anal lens. Adriano himself praising this as Kendra climbs on top of him for some awesome squat fucking. The swaying bounce of this anal cowgirl is hypnotic causing a True Anal trance. The camera pans out of the artistic motions of piston butt pumping to show Mike Adriano with a boob stuffed into his mouth. Kendra leaps out of the cowgirl to butt smother Adriano's face. You can hear him continually slapping his beef as he is inhaling Kendra Lust's pussy. He then begs her to sit back on his cock for a return to squatting in cowgirl.

The ass grinding goddess continues her beautiful motions of anal sex into the next position of an arched out doggy with a shine of oil to enhance it. Expect a puddle of lube to build up as Mike slowly slides his dick into Kendra's ass opening. The full effect of butt sex is in this doggy arch segment where a piston pace is built upon. Kendra Lust's butt will swallow each and every prod during this arching into doggy ass banging. We'll catch Mike Adriano going face deep for some rimming before he brings out the Gape Gloves.

He won't stop rimming even as he rips into Kendra's ass for a little gaping action. Now we have Kendra backing in with some reverse arching into Mike's cock as she fucks him back with her butt. More purposed gapes happen as Kendra will go face down and ass up for a shot of her anus being warped by Mike's fat penis. The final fucks to pop are done when their bodies are squeezed together in standing doggy anal. Mike Adriano will pull out to precisely place his cum blast into Kendra's mouth. This concludes this crazy-good True Anal comeback scene.