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A part of the network Can't Get Enough of Gia
(click to enlarge) Can't Get Enough of Gia (2018)

Starring: Gia Paige
Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Directed by Mike Adriano

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
67 Min ( 1 hr 7 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Today, I look at a scene from TRUE ANAL. Yes, the popular site that everyone is likely to know, if you are really into porno. It is the website headed by Mike Adriano. For this scene I take a look at the return to the site of one Gia Paige, as she comes back for another helping of anal plunging, with the man in charge. The scene begins with a segment, during which, we the viewer, as well as Mike, catch up with Gia. This includes small talk between the two, as well as posing by Gia. Recently, Gia has added some thickness to her frame, and I have to say that she is looking better than ever before! Her ass is just incredible, and Mike makes sure to focus on it properly, prior to getting down to business as always. And when he gets down to business, we find Gia eager, and begging for it. Here, things are progressive, as Mike starts slowly and works himself up, as he fucks harder and faster, all the while Gia's gape grows in size. In my time as a reviewer I have reviewed quite a bit of Mike Adriano's stuff, and one thing that I have learned is that the action itself is sometimes repetitive, and what a scene properly relies on is the female talent themselves, and how exactly they react to what goes on in the scene. To me when it comes to this kind of scene, the female talent makes all the difference. In this case, Gia Paige has a very nice energy when it comes to the happenings of the scene. From the very beginning, Gia is ready to go. This carries over into the action, as her dialogue during the scene makes things more erotic as she craves the cock, telling Mike to "stretch" her, and so on. It's so hot, and definitely keeps the viewers on their toes so to speak. For me, I felt that the action truly picked up once Gia went on to ride Mike's dick in cowgirl. Just the sight of Gia's well-lubed, fat behind, is just immaculate. It's wonderful. I also enjoyed the fact that Mike knew exactly how to position Gia, in order to show off her voluptuous curves in the right way. This including pounding her ass in a reverse side fuck position. The scene itself nearly went the entire time without any vaginal penetration. It was so scarce that I was beginning to wonder if it would happen at all. However, near the end, it does. And it makes perfect sense because, why would you let that beautiful pussy go un-tampered with? It is this very action that brings Mike to climax, as he let go on Gia's face. This is the point where I have to be sort of negative here. The cumshot in question is very weak. In fact, when it happened, I wasn't even sure that happened. Oh, it did, but very little. But Gia was a good sport about it, and played it up as being bigger than it was. But sorry Mike, I know that it's not all about cumshots - however, that is one of the weakest loads I have seen dropped in awhile. With that said, the action at hand nonetheless makes up for any shortcomings such as this minor one. But truly, with Gia, and an ass like that, I'd expect a dude to erupt like a volcano! Overall, I felt that this was a very solid scene. I am always happy to see Gia Paige, she is a very beautiful girl, and not only that, an even better person. It's good to see her here, looking better than ever, as she takes the cock in her ass, and virtually never removing her smile for the entire scene. She's great, and I know that her fans will just love seeing this scene, as it finds Gia well-lubed, and well-punctured throughout.
Cast: Gia Paige (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy(anal), Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Cowgirl(anal), Side Fuck(anal), Side Fuck Missionary(anal)
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To begin the scene, Mike Adriano welcomes back Gia Paige who returns for a second time. She says that she has been thinking about doing so ever since the last time. Mike is happy to see her. Mike then has Gia stand up and pose for his camera, as he surveys Gia's petite, yet thick body. He has her pose from each side. That is until his focus becomes Gia's nice round ass. It is an ass, that Mike cannot resist getting his hands on, this, as he peels down Gia's blue panties. He jiggles her ass for a brief time, before she goes back to posing. Mike asks Gia what she is here for, and she answers by saying that she is here today, because she is going to let Mike fuck her ass, for the second time. A short time later Mike has Gia walk forward, as he has his camera trailing behind, capturing every bounce and jiggle of her ass. She then stops for more ass worship, as she spread and jiggle her ass for the camera, which keeps a close range view. After this, she then walks in the opposite direction, as the camera again follow behind. Mike asks Gia if there is anything that she would like to say to the people watching. She says that she cannot wait to gape for them, and she hopes that it is her biggest gape ever. He then move on to Gia posing from the front, as Mike's camera gets a look at Gia's pussy, and then her tits. This is brief, because we soon go into the action.

Things begin with Gia asking us if we want a taste. This before, Mike again jiggles Gia's plump ass with his hands, prior to the two of them passionately kissing. This is then followed up by Mike, going on to bury his face into Gia's ass, as he tongue at it, and kiss her cheeks. After, we get some posing from Gia from a seated position, before Mike goes on to again, bury his face in, prior to briefly fingering the ass. Mike then has Gia position herself on the couch, it's from here that she is on all fours. Mike then proceeds to spread, and tongue punch Gia's already gaping asshole. Following this Mike administers a buttplug in Gia's ass to gape it even more, prior to going back to what he was doing before, with his tongue. Next up, Mike lathers up his dick, as well as Gia's ass like a hot plate of pancakes, prior to he going on to plow the asshole with his dong. This occurring for several sessions, each with Mike going seemingly harder, as he ends with a pull out to reveal the growing gape of Gia. Mike then again briefly tongues at the gape, before we see Gia bounce back on the cock in essentially reverse cowgirl. This lasting for a time, prior to the anal action carrying over into cowgirl, as Gia's ass is then bounced and slammed on Mike's cock for an extended period. This, as Gia and Mike kiss, and he additionally suck on her tits. Next up, we see Gia with her legs held tightly, and to the side, as Mike lubes her up, prior to again burying his bone in Gia's ass, to fuck it at a steady pace. This again including gape reveals, as well as hard fucking by Mike, as he continues on. This is followed up by Gia giving Mike a blowjob. It is a sloppy one, as Gia slobbers on the cock while stroking it, as well as playing with Mike's balls. He then makes a return to side fuck, as the camera shoots from the opposite angle as before. However, it is more of the same. This is until Mike, opens Gia's legs and then later fucking her pussy nice and steady. This soon causing Mike to cum a little on Gia's face. However, things are not quite finished. Mike proceeds to fuck the ass for several more rounds, in order to reveal Gia's now big gaping butthole before we are all done.