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A part of the network Bottoms Up With Brenna
(click to enlarge) Bottoms Up With Brenna (2019)

Starring: Brenna Sparks
Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Directed by Mike Adriano

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
58 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: There is a common schematic to these sleazy butt fucking scenes that True Anal churns out. It is that intimate interview that kicks the scene off. You’ll have your favorite performer standing still like a goddess frozen in the stance of a sculpture. Yet it breaks out in fluid motion as these stripteases and investigations of salacious forms will ignite in front of you. Brenna Sparks is the bodacious babe here for Adriano’s lucky cock in this True Anal blasting. You’re going get what you came for and more if you are Sparks obsessed.

Brenna is here wearing the proper super-slut attire adhering to the True Anal motif. A slashing neon pink fishnet outfit enveloping her crushing curves. The tatted beauty only augments her look with thigh-high fishnets of the same loud coloring for this tight bodied ensemble. This happens to be Brenna’s first anal scene of the year she exclaims. So the excitement is here along with her bubbly demeanor. Gaping is always part of the questioning when the performers are faced with the interviews. Brenna Sparks gladly answers while even giving a visual aide of the size of her own gape. She shows this by raising her hand up to show the shape of the possible expanse her hole can achieve. The questions hitting all the routine areas like her ethnic background which is Laotian and her hometown which is Vegas.

More intimate questions are asked as Brenna will peel down her thong from her fishnet outfit. Again you’re dealing with deep inspections with close up camera work from the ass masters at True Anal. These introductions can take up a good length of the actual scene. Finally, with her hair tied back, it is time for Brenna Sparks to tackle that cock in some oral for the start of the sexual contact in the scene.
Cast: Brenna Sparks (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy
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The first slathering of sex happens when Brenna Sparks comes into contact with Mike Adriano’s dick. It soon evolves into a spittle splashing blowjob. The fat phallus of Adriano poking deep in Brenna’s throat causing saliva to erupt out of her mouth. The sloppiness of this blowjob leads to Brenna Sparks being laid on her back with legs high in the air for her butt to get oiled and drilled. The poop chute is pierced here with swathes of oil being poured onto Brenna Spark’s asshole. Next, the close up of the anal penetrating and Brenna’s euphoric gazes will sway across your screen. These movements of ass poking are being accepted in anal missionary by the singing Laotian princess. Her luscious gaze still catching glimpses into the camera during this outpouring of anal ecstasy. The camera slams into a super close shot of the cheek splitting here as Adriano is in full piston force of asshole fucking.

The intimacy of the cameras sticks around for all of these anal blasts into Brenna Spark’s butt. The shiny sheen of the oil that was administered really helps with the dynamics of the butt pipe pushing here. Speaking of the pushing you will see the gapes start to occur here as the camera hones in on every opening that surfaces. Brenna Sparks is stood up on her feet to get more oil lathered on her prime butt. Mike Adriano will suck her tit whole as he ’s spreading a new layer of oil.

Brenna starts her bounce of cowgirl riding in anal next. Mike Adriano will edge out of cumming too early in this bombastic anal cowgirl session with Brenna Sparks. He’ll regain composure and proceed with his ass attacks in cowgirl anal as Brenna is on top of him again. It is gaping galore once the reaming recommences in this position of cowgirl butt battering. The rounds of ass pounds are now in the arched doggy format that is familiar to the Adriano regimen. Expect more oil here causing a puddle of it to build up in Brenna’s fresh orifice during the slow reinsertion. The gapes don’t stop in this locomotion of anal fucking. Finally, a setup for Mike Adriano ’s inseminating finish will take the scene to an oozing completion. Brenna’s completely oiled ass hanging out into view while leaking semen out. Mike will peel a cheek open as the camera flies in to capture the sloppy scenery of a reamed butthole dribbling cum out.