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TRENCHCOATx Did You Change
(click to enlarge) Did You Change (2018)

Starring: Khloe Kapri
Co-starring: Markus Dupree

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

35 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene, titled, "Did You Change", which references a line of dialogue, spoken in the scene by the seducer, is from the TRENCHCOATX series called "Lewd", and is directed by Director/performer Kayden Kross. As TRENCHCOATX is known for, the scene, is a scripted scene, which is very cinematic in nature, and as the viewer learns, being that it is from the series "Lewd", the scene itself contains action that is a little more hardcore. This including forceful gagging, as well as squirting - plenty of it. The setup of the scene is very tastefully, and nicely done. Basically, we have a businessman who comes over to his bosses house to go over some business proposals only to end up, luring, and seducing his hot young daughter. This is a scene that I was really looking forward to doing, to tell you the truth. It goes like this. I was on Twitter the other day, scrolling through my timeline, when I happened to see these really sexy shots of Khloe Kapri from a photoset. And yes, those photos were from this particular scene in question. Honestly, Khloe really sexy. I just had to see this scene. So I reached out to TRENCHCOATX, who have always been supportive of me, and here we are. With that said, this is a very good scene. I was basically into it from the beginning, as the setup really has you anticipating and wondering just what is going to transpire. Not only when it relates to what will happen between the older man, and the younger woman, but Khloe's overall sex appeal as well. However, when we get into the sex aspect of the scene, it is a whole other thing. Technically, the scene itself begins rather slowly, as Khloe becomes submissive to Markus. But it's midway through the action, that things really pick up. Meaning that the action itself becomes much harder, and as the name of the series suggests, much more "dirty". Here, Markus Dupree, fucks Khloe's pussy harder, and fingers her equally, as she squirt multiple times. Yes things you do get a little bit messy. However, the beautiful thing about this is that the action, which is messy as I said, is in stark contrast of the fancy room decor which surrounds them. Yes, collectively, not only do we have a solid scene fuck action here, we also have one of artistic flair. It all looks really nice. Personally, I found myself truly engaged in the action on screen, especially when Markus, "turned up the volume" so to speak. And speaking of Markus Dupree, I have said it before, he is one of my favorite male performers when it comes to performance alone. In fact, he might be my favorite of all. I just love the energy that he brings to each and every one of his scenes. I just like the relentless effort that he is gives to each showing. And you better believe that he is going to make sure the scene partner cums. It's always nice and hard with him. He is truly a class above most male performers in this business. That is no lie. Well at least, that is my opinion. The chemistry between the Dupree and Kapri here is great. Going back to what I said - Markus hammers away at Khloe, just as he is known for. However, the good thing about Khloe is that she particularly encourages THIS, telling him to do things such as "fuck her little pussy" "and to use her". All of this, along with the kink play, as well as hard fucking, make this a well-made effort, by a truly talented Director. This is a scene that is well worth your time spent to view. I highly recommend it.
Cast: Khloe Kapri (with Markus Dupree)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl, Spoon
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"Did You Change", takes place when Markus Dupree meets with Manuel Ferrera to go over some business proposals. During their conversation, they are interrupted by Manuel's young daughter, Khloe Kapri, who is at the top of the stairs. It is at that moment that it is lust at first sight, seemingly for both Markus and Khloe. From there, Khloe takes her time to squeeze into a few dresses, in hopes of finding the perfect one to impress the elder gentleman Markus. After settling on a purple, formfitting dress, Khloe returns downstairs where she finds Markus alone, as her father is in his office taking a phone call. After some conversation, Markus takes the initiative, as he seduces the younger Khloe. After teasing her supple mouth with his fingers, from her knees, Markus demands that Chloe smell his crotch. after gagging her with his belt. This, being before he gets his cock out and proceeds to fuck Khloe's face. After this, he forces her to keep her mouth open, as he drill it. Following, there is further mouth play, including Khloe sucking Markus' balls. However, next Markus bends Khloe over a chair and proceeds to spank her with his belt - this before utilizing it again, this time to bind Khloe's legs, as he fucks her steadily from behind. This later would include gagging Khloe with his tie, half-straddling to plunge deep. Doggy continues shortly after with Khloe standing, as Markus fucks hard and fast. The action then transitions to standing side fuck as Markus continues to fuck at a steady pace, while the camera at one point, gives us a nice close up view. Next up, however, Khloe is on her back and spread wide. This as Markus fucks hard. There are several pauses in between, during which Markus finger-bangs Khloe hard and fast making her squirt. Things are seamless as both Markus and Khloe sit upright to fuck, and then cowgirl, as Markus lies back to thrust forward. This also making Khloe squirt. More squirting then occurs after, this as Markus bends Khloe backward in a piledriver position. Standard cowgirl is next, which sees Khloe ride hard and grind, in addition to Markus' fast fucking. Next up, from the floor, there's finger-banging, which results in more squirting from Khloe prior to spoon. However, it's then missionary, as Markus clears a table, on which Khloe lies back. From here, Markus keeps his pace, in between pausing to finger Khloe to squirting orgasm. The scene soon ends in creampie, as Markus continues fucking the pussy until cumming inside of it. After this, we see Khloe push out the cum, until Markus finally feeds the remains to Khloe via his fingers. We then depart, as Markus has Khloe suck up her squirt from the coffee table.