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TRENCHCOATx Closing Time
(click to enlarge) Closing Time (2019)

Starring: Karla Kush
Co-starring: Small Hands

Directed by Kayden Kross

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.50 / 10)

32 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review I take a look at another scene which comes from director Kayden Kross and TRENCHCOATX. The scene, from their series, Control Freak, titled "Closing Time", tells us the story of seemingly frustrated bookstore clerk, and the actions to which she takes to relieve said frustration, after a hard days work. "Closing Time", is a story and acting performance-driven work, in which the female dominates her male counterpart. In the story, as stated above, we Have Karla Kush who is a young bookstore clerk, whom after hours, is just looking to unwind a bit. She believes that she is all alone when she closes up shop, and proceeds to relax, as she removes her clothes. Unfortunately though for her - or fortunately whichever way you look at it - she is actually not alone. As she has a bit of a peeping Tom in her midst looking on, shortly after she closes up. He gets an eyeful, and of course that isn't enough as he wants more. Soon wandering inside, it is then that both Carla and the mysterious man, played male performer, Small Hands come face-to-face. However little did the man know, what would go on to occur next. Carla goes on to seduce Small Hands, beginning an encounter as sexual tension arises between the two. It is only the start of things, as it is the beginning of a game of sexual domination orchestrated by Karla who initially leaves Smalls, hanging, only to soon return a short time later, and control the man, ultimately in favor of her sexual fulfillment.

People, now this was an excellent scene! This comes a day after I reviewed a scene that was not so great. In fact, I was none too pleased with my own writing of said review as well. However, when it comes to this scene, I'm thankful that all seems to be restored, as it appears to prove the fact that sometimes, you just get a bad scene every now and then. Well, back to this scene. This scene is absolutely fantastic, and I will tell you why. As stated, this one is a scene that is very story-driven. And because it is story-driven, it course relies on a pair acting performances. Fortunately for the scene, it is Karla Kush and Small Hands who deliver here, a couple of acting performances that are genuinely intriguing to the audience. The acting here, is just incredible to say the least. To break the performances is down. We have Karla Kush here portraying the bookstore clerk who seems frustrated. Now, we do not know this because we are told by either she or anything else in the scene. We get this vibe strictly by her body language, and otherwise facial expressions. Later in the scene, we discover that Small Hands, who portrays our mysterious wanderer, also relays his character in the very same way that Karla does. Over the course of the scene, and the sex, we come to know these characters. This as Carla occupies a female who just wants to be satisfied, and to do so she takes charge of this man, who has just been caught spying on her. We get an overall feeling that it is an act of revenge in the end. During this act, Small Hands does wonders portraying this mysterious guy who we know very little about. But it is through his actions here that we do know that he is both confused and surprised by how his actions caused all of this to unfold. Kayden Kross here tells us a wonderful story of erotic fantasy, which plays out masterfully before our eyes. It's not like Kayden has not amazed me before - she has. But here, she does so again with this one. The pacing of the story is nearly perfect, as is the overall presentation. The look of the scene is vividly sleek, as it is well shot, all the way down to very nice use of both location and perspective. If you look at the very first screenshot which I have included here along with review, you'll see the nice use of perspective, as the bookstore shelves are used in an effective way that is very pleasing to one's eye. As for the sex it is a scene of pure chemistry between Karla Kush and Small Hands, who fuck like animals. Well, essentially they fuck like strangers, as called for by the scene itself. What's created here between these two is an absolute spectacle, that is quite delicious. The object of the scene's sex here is that, Small hands'character unexpectedly becomes the "submissive" to Karla. It's a sexual scenario, in which Karla takes the initiative, and essentially takes what she wants from Small Hands. This scenario itself creates a feeling of sexual tension throughout the scene, which keeps things sort of at a fever pitch, as both Carla and Smalls continue to ravage each other. Over the course of the scene, heard are animalistic grunts from Small Hands, as well as orgasmic screams and squeals from Karla. It is evidence that the two are really into what is occurring. The agenda of Karla's character is to be the dominant one, and that is exactly what Karla is during sex, as she totally owns her character's motive. For the scenes entirety, it is no wonder, just who is in charge, as Karla makes it clear, and additionally so do Small Hands' responses. The two do this via dialogue spoken throughout the scene. I loved the demanding verbiage spouted by Karla during the sex. Personally, I found it such a turn on, the way that Karla kept telling Smalls to "get it" and "take it" during sex. She also, a number of times, asked Smalls that this is "what he wanted". It's these things which Small Hands replies to, by obeying his dom's wishes, and at times tells Karla to allow him to pick up the slack and do all the work for her. Overall, this is a very nice round of sex that is both hot and passionate on screen. The performers enjoy it and so do we, the viewers. Personally, I loved the reaction between the two performers during the heat of this passion, especially Karla Kush's trademark moans, screams and orgasmic squeals, which are more times than not, followed by Karla reaching her climax which sends her body trembling. As an entire package, it in my opinion, that this scene is a work of art, as every piece of this puzzle works nearly perfectly in its favor to create a very fulfilling viewing experience. Again, this scene is handled masterfully by Kayden Kross and crew. I'm not sure who the cinematographer is for Kayden, but if I knew I would definitely give credit where credit is due. Because like everyone else involved, It's a job well done. This scene is beautiful indeed. Also, I must give it to both Karla Kush and Small Hands, as the pleasure is all mine having watched the scene and witnessing what they created together. For the porn fan who is just in it to get off, and go, this isn't for you. But for those who appreciate well conceived scenes of both story and sex - ones with depth, then this scene is a definite treat. Prior to this scene, it had been over a year since I last reviewed Karla Kush. However with this one scene, it all comes back to me, just why it is that I liked, and enjoyed watching her so much. She is really hot, and in this scene - extremely sexy. I for one, am very happy that she has made a return to the industry after some time away. As for Small Hands, or "Smalls", as I call him. What can I say about him? He is simply one of the coolest guys around. And when it comes to performance - both in acting and in sexing, this dude is top notch for sure. I love the guy. He's one of my boys(at least I think he is - I haven't talked to him in some time. haha). One thing is for sure, and that's when Small Hands is in your scene, you can rest assured that he is going to give you his very best, and in this scene things are no different. Ok, so to close, this is a great scene, and by me saying that, I am not exaggerating by any means. In fact, I know that it is early in the year, but I will go on to say that this scene will likely be one of the best that I will see all year. Now, if that isn't convincing enough, then I don't know what is. With that said, yes, I absolutely do recommend you taking time out of your day to give this one a look, as this scene that is well worth your time. This scene is really fantastic.
Cast: Karla Kush (with Small Hands)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl, Doggy, Standing Side Fuck, Missionary, 69, Reverse Cowgirl
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In the scene titled "Closing time" Carla Kush is a clerk at a bookstore. By all appearances, she has had a rough day on the job, and so, as the store closes she looks to unwind. And yes, this involves taking her clothes off after a long day. She goes to the front, and puts up a "closed sign on the door, as she goes off to the back, removing her top and bra. Coincidentally, and at just about the same time, wandering by is a gentleman - Small Hands, who just so happened to get a peek at Carla's actions, as he walked past the window. From that moment, Small Hands is intrigued by the sight of what is inside the bookstore. It's then, that he discovers that the door, unbeknown to Karla, has been left unlocked. As a result, the curious Small Hands, shows himself inside the store. Once inside, Small Hands begins to browse the shelves of the store, when unexpectedly he is caught by Karla who is coming in from the back. Of course, Karla tells him that they are closed at the moment, but asks him anyway what book he is looking for. That is when a puzzled Small Hands, has no answer to give to her. Karla eventually makes her way over to him, where she soon comes on to him. The two then kiss passionately, as Carla soon goes on to lick her hand with her tongue, as she then proceeds to get Smalls'cock out to stroke it. However, just as things were heating up between them, Karla then selfishly leaves Small Hands high and dry, again telling him that they are "closed". Left in a sad puddle of anticipation, Smalls sits with his cock in hand, bewildered by the development. Karla keeps him waiting, when a short time later, she reappears, as she then sit directly in front of him, as the two begin to masturbate in tandem. But again, after a short time of this, Karla again, rises up and walks away, only to this time, stop mid-way. She makes eye contact with Smalls, snaps her fingers and points to signal for him to come sit in front of where she is now standing. Confused, but obedient, he does just that, however, Karla tells him to walk over on his knees instead. Small Hands then obeys the order given by the woman. Karla then orders Smalls to lie down, as she shoves him onto his back. After this, she then proceeds to squat over his face, as she smothers him with her ass and pussy. This, as she additionally begins to stroke his cock. Small Hands follows this up by also eating Karla's pussy. We then see Small Hands seated, as Karla stand straddling over his face as he continues to tongue and suck at her clit. This, next transitions to cowgirl, as Karla sits down on smalls' hard cock. With her feet planted, she bounces on the cock for a time, until Smalls takes over to fuck her at a steady pace. Following cowgirl, the action seamlessly goes to the standing variation, as Smalls lifts up Carla, propping her up against a bookshelf, in order to pound away at her pussy. This is followed up by doggy, as Smalls takes her from behind, pounding her harder this time, still at a quicker pace. The action then directly carries over to standing side fuck, as Small Hands continues to plow Karla's pussy deep, as she tells him to "take it". Karla next returns the favor by dropping to her knees to suck Smalls off. It happening for a time, until Karla is next on her back, as Smalls goes down between her legs to eat pussy. In between this, he also fucks her in missionary, prior to returning to things with his mouth. Things are then repositioned with Small Hands on his back, as Karla is again in charge of things, as they go to 69 after she binds his hands with her pantyhose, following this. Initially, there is a brief moment in which Small Hands eats pussy, while Karla strokes his cock. However, it isn't long until Karla shows him who is boss, as she sits upright, demanding that he work on her pussy by himself. After this, things go to reverse cowgirl, as Karla again sits on the dick. She lies back as she bounces on the cock, nice and steady prior to again planting her feet for the cock to penetrate her deeper. It's during this that Small Hands soon takes over to fuck her hard and fast, just as the domineering Karla likes it. It is this hard pounding, that soon causes Carla's pussy to squirt, as she comes to trembling orgasm. The next position is again cowgirl, as we again see Karla plant her feet to slam down on the cock, hard. In turn, Small Hands soon takes over, pounding Karla's pussy at a fast and hard pace, as she is soon leaned forward, after the two exchange passionate kisses. Following this, Karla makes a return to riding face, as she once again squats over Smalls. Smalls tongues her pussy from this position, as her ass faces us. However, after a brief time, Karla reverses her position, as she says that she wants to watch, as he cums. This of course, is followed by Small Hands going on to jerk his cock until shooting a load. After this, Smalls is relieved, and Karla is satisfied. This, as she goes on to leave an and again confused Smalls behind, after shortly reminding him once more that the store is closed.