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A part of the network Tight Teen Creampie
(click to enlarge) Tight Teen Creampie (2019)

Starring: Athena Faris
Co-starring: Kyle Mason

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
34 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review, I review a scene from TINY4K, the website which prides itself on featuring only the tiniest girls, taking the biggest cocks - all in high-definition for our viewing pleasure. In this scene titled "Tight Teen Creampie", the featured starlet is the ultra beautiful Athena Faris, as she is paired with male counterpart, Kyle Mason. This for an encounter that is half POV spectacle, and half straightforward sex scene. The scene itself begins with a very brief tease segment, as Athena basically introduces herself to us. We then move into a masturbatory session, which is truly one of the scene's highlights. It is during this masturbation segment that Athena sees her clit treated by an Hitachi vibrator, which makes her cum good. The camera is there to capture every juicy detail, and in vivid color, as it happens. This of course, moves into a blowjob segment as well, before we move into the actual sex between Athena and Kyle. The sex begins with Athena spread legged as she take the cock into her pussy for reverse cowgirl. Again, the camera does a nice job of capturing the details. I also liked that Athena was wearing white socks, decorated with yellow stripes. In my opinion the yellow just popped on screen, and really stood out to me. The action then goes to positions; such as missionary, side fuck, and cowgirl, as Kyle maintains an increasing pace throughout, and as for Athena? She cums a lot of times for our enjoyment.

As I mentioned above the scene is sort of a POV/straightforward hybrid sort. Some of the positions are in POV, and some of them featuring the action as the camera pull back a bit, making the male talent visible to us. When analyzing this scene I would say that the action here is very good. Athena Faris is really hot. I think that she may be one of the most beautiful girls that we have in porn at the moment, so to witness her cum, and cum often is a joy to the eyes. And speaking of visual, with every climax Athena's pussy juices flow. Meaning that you can see her cream pour from her pussy. Responsible for this is, of course the work of Kyle Mason, who here, puts decent work, as he plug away at Athena's opening. Also worthwhile here is the production, along with a nice camerawork. The angles are very nice, and the close-ups? Will they are even better. Howeverm for all of the pros that I can mention about this scene, there are a couple of cons that sort of hinder things as a whole. Firstly, while in the doggy position, Kyle seem to be a little hindered by the placement in which he in Athena had to open up for the camera to get the shot. Kyle seemed to want to hit the pussy harder, yet he was seemingly a little awkward in doing so. My other complaint, would be the overall editing of the scene. Here, the transitions between positions are sometimes rather quick and unfortunately rather choppy. Some of the transitions aren't exactly smooth, if you know what I mean. So, with that said, while some of the transitions work well, others have the feeling of being tacked on and sloppy However, overall this is still a very good scene, as it showcases Athena Faris in a very positive way. She is indeed lovely to look at, and I cannot wait to see her more. Because, who wouldn't want to see someone as stunning as Athena? With this in mind, I do recommend this scene, because, despite some flaws, it is still a very enjoyable one.
Cast: Athena Faris (with Kyle Mason)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, Side Fuck, Cowgirl
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This scene which involves Athena Faris, begins with a quick tease segment as she strips out of her cute yellow top and short set. It is after this that things are followed up by a POV session involving an Hitachi vibrator, as a hand of an unseen person, steady the vibrator on Athena's clit. This lasts for some time as the camera eventually closes in on Athena's pussy, as we see the juices ooze from her hole as she cums. Following this, things remain in POV, as we next see Athena administer a blow job, as Kyle Mason lie back to take it. From here we see Athena work Kyle's cock as she makes eye contact with the camera. The camera soon changes angle to a side view, as we see Athena also go on to suck on Kyle's balls. It's later that the camera goes in closer to survey the action more closely. Following this, the action then goes to reverse cowgirl. It's here that we have both a straight ahead view, as well as an overhead one, prior to we being treated to a close up view of the penetration. It is here that Kyle's pace, ranges from steady to hard, as this causes Athena's pussy to cum several times, as we witness her cream run down Kyle's cock. The next position is doggy. From here we see Kyle hit the pussy at a steady rate, as the camera keeps a close view on the penetration once again. Eventually however, Kyle increases his pace to a quicker one as he moves in and out of Athena's hole, as the camera momentarily takes a side view, to display Athena's reaction. The next position is missionary, in which the camera take an overhead point of view. From this position, Kyle fucks, again at a steady pace, soon again making Athena cum multiple times, as Kyle then finishes out her cream with his fingers to show the camera. The action then move to side fuck from there for more of the same from Kyle, as he make Athena climax. The action then goes to cowgirl. We first have a straight away view from the behind position. The camera then eventually switches to a side view as we can see Athena's reaction once again. This being before the camera once again closes in on the penetration from behind. During this we see Kyle pound the pussy hard. The camera then briefly goes to cowgirl, just prior to things going back to missionary. From missionary, Kyle continues at a steady, and quick pace. This, until he must cum, as he does so inside of Athena. This effectively ending our scene with a creampie finish, as Kyle follows up by pulling out the cum with two fingers.