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A part of the network Naughty Schoolgirl
(click to enlarge) Naughty Schoolgirl (2019)

Starring: Melody Marks
Co-starring: Jmac

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
34 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: With this scene titled, "Naughty Schoolgirl" from TINY4K, we have Melody Marks as a schoolgirl, whom on this particular day is having a study session with her instructor Jmac. It is something that she has done many times before. However today, is set to be different. That is because today, Melody is determined to get what she wants from the instructor. It has been a long time since Melody has been attracted to Jmac, and many times she has tried to get him to budge, unfortunately it has not worked. However today, she is determined to make that happen. Instead of focusing on her school assignments, she exposes her tits. Jmac is of course hesitant. But unfortunately for him, before he can even do anything, Melody quickly runs into the house. It is then that we the viewers have a tease segment involving Melody. One that results, in the end with Melody going solo on the bed, as she finger and play with herself. However soon after, Jmac catches up with her there, as a sexual encounter between them then takes place. Storyline-wise, although the vignette here is very brief, I found it to be a fun set up. But I have to admit that I did find it a little weird as to how they approached it. The scene starts with a full on storyline, in which is schoolgirl seduces her teacher. She then runs off into the house to prevent him from stopping he. We then have the typical tease segment that we normally see in this type scene, and then we go into a solo masturbation segment soon after. The problem I have with the approach, comes at the time that Jmac finally joins Melody in the bedroom. This is when Jmac pretty much breaks storyline, as he does not reference anything before going straight into the sex. So, he is no longer the hesitant instructor that he was, prior to Melody running into the house. This is all well and good, yet at the same time, during the sex Melody does make reference to the storyline. The storyline, which Jmsc abandons. It doesn't make sense, and it comes accross as strange. But oh well. We have the sex, and what good sex it is between these two. In a matter of few words, I enjoyed this scene. It's pretty much straight to the point as J Max, takes matters into his own hands for the most part, and really hammers away at Melody's pussy for a good portion of the scene. As for Melody she is both enthusiastic and willing to please. This is my first time seeing Melody Marks, and I have to say that she is really cute, and I'm very impressed by her showing here. I definitely do look forward to seeing her more following this. She's adorable, and gets really nailed by Jmac here. What's not to like? Not much. Technically, it is well shot, with all of the positions captured nicely on screen, making for a very nice viewing experience. So, with this said. It is a scene that I would not hesitate to recommend to you. As I said Melody Marks really impresses on her first impression with me.
Cast: Melody Marks (with Jmac)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Full Nelson Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy
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In this scene, schoolgirl Melody Marks has a study session with her instructor Jmac. It is via narration that we learn that Melody just loves going over to Jmac's place to study. However, it is not for the joy of academics. It's because she finds her instructor really hot. She goes on to explain that many times he has tried to come on to him, but Jmac just isn't having it. He pretty much plays by the rules. However as we see, it is on this day that Melody is determined to get her instructor to crack, thus giving into her sexual desires. It is then that Melody unbuttons her white blouse to reveal her good sized breasts. It is something that really surprises the instructor. This, as he does anything to avoid this situation, and get Melody to study. However, before he knows it, Melody runs off into the house. It is at this time, that the scene switches to a tease segment, as music accompanies Melody's said tease. It is a tease segment that includes Melody flashing and bouncing her breasts, and exposing and spreading her shaved pussy for the camera. This, until the tease segment comes to an end with Melody on the bed. Here she has her legs spread, as she masturbates. It's during this, that we see Melody rub her pussy and otherwise finger her love hole, during a time which includes oil. It is then a short time later that she is joined by Jmac, as things get underway. First it is missionary, as Melody is on her back with her legs spread. It is here that we see Jmac, run his cock in and out of her pussy at a steady, and consistent pace. This being before, he half straddles her. This in order to plunge deeper inside of her for a time. Next up, Jmac stands, as Melody take to her knees. Initially, she does not think that she will be able to fit Jmac's big cock down her throat. However, upon attempt, Melody is able to do it with no problem at all. Here, we see her work the cock with two hands, mouth, tongue and even kiss down the cock and balls - all while getting her face fucked by Jmac. Following this, Jmac goes on to half straddle her face to fuck it, by using the bed as leverage. He does so from both respective sides. Jmac then manhandles Melody, as he brings things into reverse cowgirl on the bed. At first, Melody is upright on the cock as she bounces on it steadily. However soon Jmac, leans her back taking her into the Full Nelson position, this is where he goes on to pound the pussy hard, at Melody's request. Following this, Jmac has Melody lean back, to once again bounce on his hard cock. Following this, what begins as a half-nelson ends up being a return to the full nelson, as Jmac pounds harder than before. Next up, The action is to standard cowgirl. Initially, we see Melody bounce on the cock, prior to Jmac, having Melody plant her feet, after which he pounds her fast and hard. Things then continue as Melody has one hand behind her back. Jmac then graduates that to two hands, as he pins back her arms, and let her really have it. The next position is then doggy. It's from here that we see Jmac maintain a steady pace, prior to having Melody bounce back on his cock taking in every inch. This is prior to Jmac once again resuming, He then picks Melody up and transfers her to the windowseal. Here, he staddles Melody's ass to pound it good from behind, until he must cum. The scene then comes to a close with Jmac shooting his load onto Melody's cute face. This followed by Melody sucking, and kissing Jmac's cock.