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A part of the network Big Dick Carwash
(click to enlarge) Big Dick Carwash (2018)

Starring: Danni Rivers
Co-starring: Preston Parker

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.45 / 10)

Where to get it
23 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Danny Rivers is a name that I seem to be hearing a lot recently, yet I have not seen her perform. So with this review I am taking the time to do so now. The scene which I am look at today from is titled "Big Dick Carwash". The scene catches Danni on a presumably hot day as she is out to wash a truck. However, she soon treats herself to the water and suds, before also treating herself to a big cock! As you can see, the setup to this scene is thin and to the point. This is a scene that is action focused. In fact, the camerawork is tight, and honed in on the sex, 100% of the time with POV, closeup and distanced shot choices. Personally, I liked the feel here, as it is different from what I usually see. It isn't exactly all POV, but rather some sort of hybrid of the style of film making. As for Danni Rivers, the scene in question shoes that she has promise, as she brings some enthusiasm and energy to her performance. In addition to this, she definitely has the looks. Overall, this was a good, entertaining scene. One that is both well shot, and performed. I say that it is one worth checking out.
Cast: Danni Rivers (with Preston Parker)
Rating: 7.45/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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We open up with Danni Rivers playfully skipping towards a white truck with the intention to wash it. However, she instead ends up soaping up herself. we see her wash herself down, was the windows with her soapy tits, and play with herself, all before we go into the scene. Now into the scene, we see Danni on her knees sucking cock. for a time, as she works Preston's shaft. During which we are treated to overhead POV and side view. Danni is then on her back on the bed of the truck as Preston, tongues and sucks on her pussy. That is then followed up by Danni mounting him for reverse cowgirl. Here, we see Danni, grind and bounce on, as well as take dick, before the position reverses. Now from cowgirl, Danni bounces and spreads her ass. Up next, she is taken from behind for doggy by the gut, as she props her right leg up on the bed of the truck. From here, Preston is able to go in deep, with Danni's legs spread. It's next missionary, with Danni next on her back. Preston first pulls his cock in and out to tease the pussy, prior to pounding it with long strokes. This lasting until the finale, which sees Preston, as well as Danni jerk the cock until Preston explodes, with some making contact with Danni's face, as the scene comes to a close.