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Reality Kings
Teens Love Huge Cocks #11
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Teens Love Huge Cocks #11 (2016)

Co-starring: Criss Strokes, Johnny Sins, Mick Blue, Prince Yahshua

Reviewed by PL

(7.42 / 10)

Where to get it
217 Min ( 3 hr 37 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Reality Kings is pretty well known for quality porno, in both content and presentation. This fit in both of those nicely. Although all of the girls weren't exactly teens, they all looked the part enough to make it work. But really... it's about small(er) chicks taking big dicks, and that was on display in spades. Particularly well showcased in the final scene with Alice in flying cowgirl While I had my favorites (Kate and Scarlet), no scene was a must-see and all were plenty good enough to pick the movie up for.
Scene 1: Aria Spencer (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Spoon
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Aria was taking selfies in a cutie little top and jean shorts before the camera guy interrupted her to talk. Off and into a room, we got a peek at her beautiful dark nipples as she played with her pussy. When Mick joined, he too focused on her nipples and pussy, sucking on both of them before she took a taste of his cock; sucking it. On her back, the action got going while she wantingly looked at Mick while playing with her clit. As Aria and Mick moved through the position, she didn't seem to click with him all that much but she sure did look good taking the cock. I was really diggin' her beautiful dark nipples, the faded tan lines and the way she had her hair - which had an "every day" style to it. Anyway, Mick finished up spoon fucking her until he pulled out and came on her pussy and leg to wrap it up.
Scene 2: Scarlett Fever (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Cowgirl
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Scarlett was sitting outside texting her friend when the cameraman caught up with her. She explains she's a sexual girl and I could believe it, damn she's sexy! As the moved inside, she stripped down to her panties and knee-high socks, moving her pretty white panties to the site to show us how she can work her kitty; showing it off too. Bent over in doggy, Criss got her to slightly gape while spreading her ass and eating it, then it was her turn. She wowed me. She actually deep throated the whole thing! On her back, with her legs folded back, Criss got deep into her little pussy, then had her move to reverse. Scarlett took the dick impressively well considering how small she was, and her ability to deep throat it was pretty awesome. So, finally, in cowgirl, Criss pummeled her pussy until he was ready to cum. He planed it all perfectly in her mouth, which some of which she pushed out, but she did swallow some of it.
Scene 3: Mattie Borders (with Johnny Sins)
Rating: 5.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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This one kicked off right to Mattie on a couch as she got an interview by the camera guy. She's 18, from KY (my home state!) and she's got this fantasy of getting deeply fucked by a big cock! Losing her panties she took a seat on a couch, giving some rather cheesy "dirty talk" as she played with her clit before Johnny joined. Mattie was concerned it may not fit, it was as big as her forearm! But with a little spit... It slipped right in, and she didn't seem to have too much trouble taking it Honestly though, we got some great shots as Johnny masterfully got as deep as he could with her legs pinned back. As Johnny continued to give her the cock, she never struggled as much as she feared she may, taking a pretty damn good dicking in doggy. Winding up on her knees, Mattie ends up with a big ass wad of cum on her cheek as Johnny jerked out the load; missing her mouth almost altogether. She scooped some into her mouth and swallowed it, giving Johnny a thankful look as the scene faded out.
Scene 4: Kate England (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Cowgirl, Doggy
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Next up was a favorite of mine, Kate England. As she's interviewed she says she's not the shy type, is 21 and only 5' 5" tall! After a bit of talking and letting the camera take in Kate's amazing tits and pussy, Criss joined the fun to eat her pussy and ass before she gave back with some head and light tit fucking. Laying back on a couch, Criss started fucking her. She looked pretty wet/creamy too, you could see it rolling down her ass! As they fucked, Kate, of course, looked fantastic, but Criss seemed to struggle to keep his dick hard, or maybe he was hitting the "bottom" of Kate's pussy and bending, I'm not sure which... Anyway, at the end of the scene, Kate was back in missionary, getting railed until Criss was ready to cum, blasting Kate's shoulder and face with cum - none of it really landing in her mouth.
Scene 5: Scarlet Red (with Prince Yahshua)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Spoon
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Sporting a school-type jacket, Scarlet was sitting on a couch, ready for her interview looking angelic with a large glowing smile. She tells him she's originally from Sweeden, but now calls Colorado home. These days she's got a fetish for big dicks, so she's here to get filled. Laying back, Scarlet fingered her lubed up pussy, making some wonderful sounds! Prince joined, giving her ass a little lickin' and fingerin', before she guided his big cock into her pussy. We got some really amazing shots as he slipped in and out too, wow! Up in cowgirl, I loved how Scarlet started off slow, looking back at the camera as she worked the cock. We also got some pussy gapes! When she went to spoon, I really liked the kissing she did with Prince, and the scene eventually ended with a mouth full of jizz. Unfortunately though, she pushed it all out...
Scene 6: Alice March (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Flying Cowgirl
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Finally we had Alice. She looked wonderful with her adorable blue eyes in a blue skirt, with her legs spread, showing us her panties! During her interview, she says she's 20 and from California, before she showed off her pretty titties, round booty, and her beautiful pussy! She worked four fingers in her pussy, but of course, she's here for a big cock, so when Criss showed up, it was exactly what she was looking for. Oddly, the action started off with Alice in mish but quickly cut to her in doggy. The mish action was literally like 10 strokes or less. When Alice went to cowgirl, she apparently squirted a few times. I didn't notice it, but both Criss and the camera guy mentioned it and she giggled a "yeah" in confirmation. After a little deviation from the other scenes with some fantastic shots of her in flying cowgirl, Alice laid down for some really brief missionary before getting her face splashed with cum. She didn't look to swallow much, if any, of the cum.