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Teens Goin' Wild
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Teens Goin' Wild (2002)

Co-starring: Claudio (older man), Darren James, Mark Wood

Directed by Mark Wood

Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
114 Min ( 1 hr 54 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 7.5. The fifth scene alone was also worth the watch, not to mention all the girls were attractive and young. We all know the scene I didn't like, so out side of that one this should appeal to MOST of the porn people out there. For the most part I enjoyed this one, however not one I'll watch again, but was good for 1 watch for me, that's it.
Scene 1: Machella Sky (with Mark Wood)
Machella and Mark. Machella is a slightly attractive young blonde with a pierced tongue. Small (I think they are A Cups) tits. Set up to this one is very traditional, student is dumb and wants am A for the class and she fucks the teacher. The BJ Machella gives is kind of weak, she looks very new to the game. Note to Machella, ass pimples/rash ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE! The scene starts off slow, but warms up. In that here are my gripes on this scene. Lets start with the whole pelvic region being a mess, ass pimples, razor burn, and a growth on here perineum. Also the only 4 positions was a little of a drag. The sex was decent, but with the addition of the anal sex it was good, but the lack of good camera work hurt. Scene ended in a decent open mouth facial with a clean off.
Scene 2: Winter Devoe (with Mark Wood)
Winter and Mark. Winter is a attractive young lady with brown hair that has blonde highlights and a pierced tongue/belly. She has a little bit extra weight around her stomach, but still attractive and with what looks to be B cup tits. She plays the role of a girl who has never had sex, and has never seen a cock, however she sure looks like she has sucked a cock or two. The chemistry between these two seemed genuine, as well as the pleasure Winter was getting from Mark's ride (the girl appeared to cum several times). The sex was pretty good from start to finish, some bad editing was in place but it didn't hurt the scene that much. Scene ended in a open mouth facial and a clean off, BUT the OMF could have been better IF Mark could have hit her in the face/mouth verses dribbling cum on her tits. GOOD SCENE!
Scene 3: Lacey Barnes (with Claudio (older man))
Lacey and Claudio. Lacey is a very attractive young lady with blonde hair, a HUGE tat on her back. She has a slender build with B sized tits. She plays the role of a student learning Italian. She sucks a OK cock, but need to refine her skills a little. For the record this hairy beast (Claudio) should NOT be allowed to fuck girls like this. It's a shame they decided on this pairing because poor Lace seems totally turned off, for Christ sakes I don't think she opened her eyes but a few times and that was to look at the camera. The scene was mild at best, and almost un-watch able to me, because I just got the feeling Lacey did not want to be there. I do HOPE to see more of this young lady, but under better circumstances. Scene ended in a closed mouth facial.
Scene 4: Victoria Butts (with Mark Wood)
Victoria and Mark. Victoria is a very attractive young lady with brown hair with dark red highlights and a pierced tongue/belly. She has an average build with B sized tits. She plays the role of a foreign student. The BJ she gives is OK, nothing special, but she can use more technique. She seemed to really be into the sex, which was a nice change of pace from the last scene. She does some good "sex talk" and a real sexual prowess about her. Some good close ups also. Scene ends in a closed mouth facial, but it looked as if Victoria was about to throw up, not sure why (maybe the cum on her face/lips?). GOOD SCENE!
Scene 5: Julie Night (with Darren James, Mark Wood)
Julie, Mark and Darren. Julie is a very cute young lady with sandy blonde hair and a pierced left nipple/tongue, and a small tat around her belly button and lower back. She has a average build with B cup sized tits. She plays the role of a schoolgirl selling cookies. I can deduce that she likes to suck cock, she was the best of the bunch. She had good eye contact, was not afraid to do more than just suck/lick the head and did some kick ass spitting. This chick dug this scene a lot...the scene just gets better, and better as it went on. She takes anal in stride while suckin a cock...WHAT A CHAMP! She even does a DP!! The scene ends in a double open mouth facial and cleans off both cocks. FANTASTIC SCENE!!