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Teen Hitchhikers

Co-starring: James Deen, Johnny Castle, Kurt Lockwood, Manuel Ferrara

Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

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In series: Teen Hitchhikers
116 Min ( 1 hr 56 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: While the setups were rather generic and not predictable, the sex was pretty solid. Angel was the star, and I was a little surprised she was the first scene, but certainly, Elsa has some star power and fit well into that last spot. The overall was pretty vanilla, probably the most"crazy was Manuel stuffing his fingers inside Angel alongside his cock and Kurt doing some flying cowgirl and piledriver. If you are interested in more tame sex, a good cast of petite girls, it's a pretty solid flick worth a rental.
Scene 1: Angel Smalls (with Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Side Saddle, Missionary
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Angel has her thumb out when Manuel pulls up, asking him to take her as far as he can take her. Needing a potty break, they stopped at Manuel's place since it was on the path. Done using the bathroom, Angel asks if she could just stay the night. The thought of getting fucked by a rich stranger was a big turn on. After they got naked, Angel got her lips wrapped around Manuel's fat cock. Getting it inside her, Angel started in cowgirl, then transitioned to spoon. Stuffing his fingers in along side his cock, he made her squirt and eventually rolled her up to reverse cowgirl. She looked super wet as he stuffed his fingers back in her with his cock still in her. The action never really slowed down as they fucked in various positions with Angel getting on her knees mouth full of cum from Manuel. She swallowed what she got and sucked what she could out of the cock, giving some excellent eye contact as she did it! A really good scene, but there were some issues with the camera keeping focus.
Scene 2: Sydney Cole (with James Deen)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Doggy, Prone, Missionary, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl
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James pulled over to pick up Sydney, her parents wouldn't be happy if he knew he let her hitchhike. He offered to take her home, but she refused that, her dad would kill her if he saw her dressed like she was, so he offered up a different option - take her to his place so she could raid his daughter's closet. She agreed but had a very different take on what to get into - surprising James with nothing but a bra and panties. After a little resistance, he gave in, kissing her as the got naked. She started off sucking his cock, looking fantastic, before James stood her up and fucked her from behind, bent over the bed. Flipped over on her back, James railed on her pussy, making her cream all over his cock. She cleaned it off and they got back to it until James was ready to explode, blasting her chest with a load of jizz. He used his cock to feed her some of the cum.
Scene 3: Rebel Lynn (with Kurt Lockwood)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Standing 69, Pile Driver, Flying Cowgirl, Missionary, Spoon, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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Rebel is trying to make her way to L.A. when Kurt stopped to pick her up. Apparently, she's been drifting for a few months and Kurt's buddy is out of town, so he offered up his place for the night. She accepted. When they arrived it didn't take long for Kurt to show how interested in showing her a good tim e. With Rebel down to her "bare necessities", Kurt gave her ass a taste, as well as her pussy, then let her show off her own oral skills with some standing 69! Unconventional, Kurt started feeding her pussy the cock in piledriver. They moved through the positions pretty effortlessly, I particularly liked Rebel in cowgirl and on doggy, where she played with her ass some while getting fucked. Finally, Rebel went to her knees as Kurt blasted her face and mouth with a good sized load. She looked to swallow everything she got, assuring Kurt she plans on being around the whole weekend
Scene 4: Elsa Jean (with Johnny Castle)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Side/Back, 69
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Apparently Elsa's friend ditched her and that friend was her ride... Making the best of the situation, she decided to hitchhike. She was certainly defensive from the get-go, telling Johnny to stay on his side and no staring, but soon her colors come out and she offered to suck his dick for the ride - she even offered up some pussy if his dick was big enough... So back at Johnny's place, she wanted to see what she was getting into right away, sucking and stroking his cock before letting him get inside her. Moving up to cowgirl, wrapped her legs around Johnny, wrapping her meaty pussy lips around his cock We got some good "sights" of it as they moved through some positions, but really some nice shots with Elsa on her side/back and in spoon. In the end, Elsa ended up on her knees as Johnny jerked a thick load across her tongue. With a cute smile and a face full of cum, Elsa gazes at Johnny as the scene faded out.
The extras were pretty good. Clocking in at 25 minutes, we got lots of good info. Angel said she's 5' (even) and is 87 pounds! She also talked about doing some fem-dom stuff with Daiva Foxx, putting an electrocution device on a guys cock and making him dance! Additionally, before she even got into porn, she fucked 8 guys at once! Sydney is very into animals and has done a bit of traveling. Rebel is a "sex advocate" - believing everyone should cum 3 times a day, like meals . One time, she met a guy and took him and two of his friends on - on the side of the road! She's also a big a reader and writer - in fact, she's got 8 books she's started to write. Elsa is enthralled with guys' assholes - likes the way they look, smell and loves to eat ass! She graduated high school at 16 and is currently in school to be a surgical assistant. She likes to have people pee in her (in a shower)!