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(click to enlarge) She's New: Budding Pornstar Blossoms

Starring: Rose Darling

Reviewed by PL

(6.75 / 10)

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49 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I like Rose, there's just something I dig about her look and her demeanor. Admittedly, that same demeanor also makes her feel a little subdued from a performance standpoint, leading this scene to feel a bit like her scene in Stepsister Creampies. While that had a creampie finish, which I'm a big fan of, this scene just worked out better for me. I liked her makeup better, as well as her clothes and the setup more. My main issue with for this scene was the scene itself, more than Rose or her performance. The most glaring point for me was the camera work wasn't done all that well. At best, it was average. The ancillary issue was the fact Rose had a blemish on her left ass cheek, both she and the guy kept covering it. It was far more awkward with odd hand placement than it would have been just leaving it be. Still, all in all, for me a pretty decent scene, but like I said... I like Rose - here's top hoping to see more of her!
Cast: Rose Darling
Rating: 6.75/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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On a cold and rainy day, a 19-year-old Rose shows up at the camera guy's house for her "audition" - she very aware of what's going to happen too. Shyly she says once she gets comfortable she gets crazy, so they worked on loosening her up, starting with a blowjob Eagerly she took to it, not getting too much past the head, but giving good eye contact the whole time. I thought it was pretty hot she never even got her clothes off to get going. Finally, down to just her bra, Rose laid back on a couch and let him slip between her puffy pussy lips. She looked nice and wet too! After a little dicking in doggy and cowgirl (which didn't give nearly the full body shots we should have got), Rose ended up back in missionary with her bra off, showing us her pierced nipples. As the scene came to a close, Rose took the dick in a pile driver before getting a load of cum on her smiling face.