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(click to enlarge) Picked Up and Dicked Down (2018)

Starring: Skylar Valentine
Co-starring: Sean Lawless

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: First things first, I am new to TEAM SKEET, and yes this is my first review for them. But when it came to choosing what to review, it was really easy. Why you ask? It's because, one of their newest scenes features the 4'7" starlet, Skylar Valentine, and I just love her! Honestly speaking, she is without a doubt, one of the most adorable girls to come along recently. She is ultra-petite, yet at the same time she is a combination, of again, adorable and sexy. Well anyway, on to the scene, and what I thought about it. That's why you're here, right? The scene begins with a very cute vignette, which has some fun with the fact that Skylar is so short. Our scenario sees her wanting to make breakfast, but unfortunately she cannot reach the supplies that she needs to make said breakfast. It is a notion which continues for a second stint, as Skylar attempts to clean the shower, as asked by her boyfriend. But when her boyfriend helps out a little when he comes home, the cleaning in question becomes sex between the two on the living room couch. Personally I really enjoyed the setup of the scene. As I said, I thought it was really cute, how it demonstrated just how short this girl is. Technically speaking, some fans will be turned off by this, as the scene uses up about five and a half minutes total for this. In my opinion, I have no problem with it, because I thought that it perfectly presented Skylar in a very nice way. We not only get a note of her height, but also her surprising curves. Although only 4'7", this girl has ass! I love it. It's nice and round. And most of all, it looks best, when bouncing on a cock! The scene features a round of sex between she and Sean Lawless that is pretty decent for what it is, I would say. Now don't get me wrong, in terms of sex, the scene isn't great per se, but it does have it's highlights. Moments that make it enjoyable overall. The overall length of the scene is brief, however it does feature some good POV action that is nicely captured, capturing things such as Skylar's nice blowjob skills, and also that aforementioned nice ass that she has. There are times where it looks great - such as the overhead POV in doggy, as well as when it is bouncing in cowgirl. Another key moment is also the piledriver position, which I always enjoy seeing. With that said, the sex here, is still not adventurous as say, Skylar's performances with JMac. But for what it is - storyline and all - it was enjoyable entertainment. As a parting note, I have to say that I cannot wait to see more of Skylar Valentine. As I said above, she's a wonder.
Cast: Skylar Valentine (with Sean Lawless)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Piledriver, Spoon, Missionary
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The scene, which is part of the TEAM SKEET site, EXXXTRA SMALL, begins with Skylar Valentine being awaken by her alarm. The 4'7" wonder, who is wearing nothing but a pair of flesh-colored panties, gets up and puts on a set of clothes; a pink shirt with unicorns on it, a white skirt, along with rainbow decorated socks and white shoes. After getting dressed, Skylar heads to the kitchen to make breakfast, she decides that she wants oatmeal - however, there is only one problem - due to height restriction, Skylar cannot reach the contents of the top self. Defeated, Skylar opts for some water from the fridge. When retrieving it, she finds a note on the refrigerator, left by her boyfriend, Sean Lawless, reminding her that she needs to clean the shower. She goes and does just that. She strips out of her white skirt, and begins cleaning, unfortunately however, she again runs into the same problem, as her height prohibits her to clean the very top of the shower. Luckily, around this time, Skylar's man, Sean comes home, and offers to help his little lady. Sean the hoists Skylar up on his shoulders, as she begins again to clean. However, Skylar's big juicy booty, is just too much for him to ignore. This, as Sean playfully tongues at Skylar's asshloe, and then her pussy, as he flips her around. This though, quickly escalates when Skylar is soon on her knees sucking cock. Here, she tongues and sucks the shaft, as well as Sean's balls, and she does it well. After some time, the action then moves to the living room, and on a couch. It's there that we see Sean pump away at Skylar from behind in doggy. During this, the action is caught from the side, as well ass overhead POV, as we see Sean pound Skylar's pussy, as her round ass slams into his cock. Following this, doggy continues, but with Skylar standing on the couch, as Sean stand on the floor. After some cock sucking by Skylar, Sean then asks Skylar if she wants to "hop on his dick?", and without hesitation - she's on it. Here, Skylar bounces on the cock, and is eventually at one point, slammed down hard by Sean. After this is done, Sean bends Skylar backward, as he plunge his dick deep into her pussy from pildriver, and again it's at a pace that is increasing. The same then carries over to spoon and then missionary. It's here, that Sean steadily fucks the pussy before picking up the pace, which soon causes him to cum. The scene closes with Sean unloading onto Skylar's angelic face.