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(click to enlarge) P90SEX (2018)

Starring: Violet Rain
Co-starring: Rion King

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.00 / 10)

Where to get it
41 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In this reality based scene titled P90SEX, the setup of the scene is fairly typical. As part of TEAM SKEET's "Real Workout" series, the scene begins with a guy as he works out one afternoon. Yes he is in the gym, for all we know, working up a sweat when in walks young thing, Violet Rain - and she has an ass. A big one! This is something that Rion obviously, and quickly notices and it is something that he cannot take his eyes off of. He watches her all day as she goes through the motions of stretching and exercising. This, until his opportunity comes, when Violet asks him for some workout assistance. But of course, this goes far beyond Rion helping spot Violet as she works out. This transitions to full on sex in the gym! Violet Rain is a fairly new young starlet that I have recently come to be familiar with. She has a nice, fresh look to her. So naturally, I have been waiting for an opportunity to review her in something. So with this in mind, I review this scene, and while it is not a great scene, it is not particularly bad either, but with that, there are things which kind of hindered it for me. First of all, the scene itself, gets off to a really slow start. It begins, with what seemed to be the longest blow job ever. I mean, it just seemed to go on forever. The good thing is though, that not long after that is complete, things to do take on a much faster pace. While I did enjoy that Rion King's fucking was steady and consistent, with things looking their best during the doggy and cowgirl position - after awhile, one comes to realize that the entire make of the scene is pretty basic, and standard stuff. This being from both positioning as well as camera shot choices. As far as camera goes, there's the close-up, the POV and the overhead. As the viewer, I was just looking for a variety for most of the scene. Well, with me saying this, the scene finally gave us some variety near the end, just as I was about to throw the towel in on it, terms of its own originality. Of course I am talking about when Violet and Ryan return to the workout machine for some doggy - from both angles. Here Violet climbs up on the machine, as Rion took her from behind to fuck her pussy. So yes soon they are both up on the machine, and are going at it. This both looks good, and is different. I saw it as a plus for the scene, definitely. But, for it's entirety, the scene itself is pretty basic, and the chemistry between Violet and Rion, is lukewarm at best. We get the most reaction out of Violet for most of the scene, but hardly any from Rion, therefore, the scene never goes that extra step that we see from many of the other great scenes elsewhere. For most of the scene, I don't blame the performers, as I feel that the majority of the success of a scene lies with the producer/director. They are the ones who set up the scene, and here, they set up the scene in which they limit to the basics of sex. Think of it this way, this is a scene that is set up within a gym scenario, and can have all of this exercise equipment around that can be utilized for different kinds sex acts. For a creative mind, the possibilities here would likely be endless for them to be innovative. But instead to the contrast, here we have a scene in which we are limited to a workbench and a pull-up machine. And though the pull-up machine does add some flare to the festivities, it's just not enough to make the scene stand out above the norm. However with that said, standing out here, is indeed Violet Rain herself. I really like her. She's really cute, has a very likable presence on-screen, and a nice ass! Personally, I can't wait to see her paired up with some of the industry's more passionate performers. I feel that she would come across very well.
Cast: Violet Rain (with Rion King )
Rating: 5.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy
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At the beginning of the scene Rion King is at the gym and he's working out, as Violet Rain walks in, making quite the first impression. That's because the first thing that Rion notices when she walks in is her ample backside, as she bend over. It's from there that Rion cannot take his eyes off of Violet. Violet goes on to work on an exercise mat, stretching and doing multiple leg lifts. Ryan tries to sneak and peek with every consecutive open and close. Eventually, Violet also goes on to bounce on an exercise ball, prior to having a desire to utilize a nearby machine. It is for this, that she asks Rion for his assistance, as to spot her. Ryan agrees, and next, he is cradling her legs as she lifts her body up for several reps. Next up however, things take an erotic turn when Violet strips down and asks Rion to lift her up and place her on the machine. From here, Violet is positioned in a way that she has her legs spread. For which, she asks Rion what he's waiting for? Of course, it is from there that the sex commences. Rion buries his face between Violet's legs, as he tongue at her pussy. This continues on from a work bench next, as Violet lie back. That is until Rion puts his cock inside of her. Initially Rion begins with a steady pace of in and out, until settling into a much quicker pace as he hammers it in. The action next takes to doggy as Violet bend over, and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. This is a good look for the camera, as it gives us a full view of both Violet's ass and pussy. From here, Rion continues at a steady pacing, until it is he on his back on the work bench. Violet climbs on, as the action takes to cowgirl. From this position it is a combination of Violet bouncing and grinding, as well as Rion fucking quickly and fast - all of it, making Violet's ass jiggle. The camera soon takes a side view, before they again utilize the exercise machine. Violet straddles the machine, as Rion takes her from behind to thrust into the pussy. He go even deeper eventually after he too, straddles the machine. This happens until they reverse, as Violet's ass now face the camera. Here again, Rion slams his cock in fast, and hard, working himself up to the point of climax. This scene then concludes with Rion jerking off to cum, slinging his wad onto Violet's pretty, young face.