Hooky for Some Nooky
(click to enlarge) Hooky for Some Nooky (2019)

Starring: Katie Kush
Co-starring: Alex Jett

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
39 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For today's review I take a look at the scene from TEAM SKEET. It is a vignette scene titled "Hooky for Some Nooky". pulled from their "Innocent High" series of scenes. Innocent High, as the title hints, is a series of scenes which deal with the sexual adventures of school-aged teens. In the story the bespectacled Katie Kush, is a rebellious, horny schoolgirl who is on a quest for some dick, when she convinces her nerdy boyfriend to ditch class with her during a test, to go back to her place, where they eventually have some fun in her parents bedroom, while they are away. As far as story goes that is it. However, in this case it turns out, that is all that is needed. I thought that this story was really humorous and highly entertaining, especially on account of Alex Jett'a acting performance. As stated already, he portrays a nerdy type of guy, and it is a character, that he fully embraces. I really cannot stress enough just how great he is, and on point he is with his portrayal. It's great, funny stuff. The story itself even carries on into the sex scene. As per story, that has Alex cum prematurely. For this moment in the scene, I am assuming that some sort of fake cum was used to execute this. I could be wrong, but it appears so, due to the mere volume and thickness of the goo. Whatever the case may be, at least the story brings us some theatrics as well. As far as the sex goes. Going into this scene, I expected a good scene from these two. However, I have to admit that the scene itself, is even better than I expected it to be. This is a solid, solid scene. I guess I will start by saying that, what an absolute cutie Katie Kush is. Oh my God, she is wonderful. Also, She can ride a cock like no one's business, and her flexibility is off the charts. During the scene there are a number of occasions, during which she springs up, and goes into a split in an instant. It's amazing and also hot to see. She even splits her legs, while taking dick in missionary(I would love to see her do the same while riding in cowgirl). As far as Alex Jett goes, this happens to be my second time reviewing him. He was quite good the first go around, but he is even better here. In one word, I would say that he is impressive in this particular scene. Again, not only does he bring it acting-wise, when it comes to the sexual performance, he delivers quite well. Here, he fucks Katie good, of course he does so slow, and steady, however what truly stands out, is when he digs in, and really bangs Katie hard. I really loved that. I also really enjoyed the moments, in which he would fuck with long strokes - pulling out, only to ram his cock in deep and hard. Most of the instances happen to be captured while the camera is utilizing an overhead point of view. This brings me to talk about the technical aspects of the scene. In my opinion the camera utilized some very nice shot choices and angles to capture the action at hand. It's competent camerawork, which manages to keep us interested throughout the scene, I was really into it, I must admit. What can I say, I really like looking at Katie Kush. Of course, there is Alex Jett putting in great work on his part, it was really fun to watch play out on screen, as these two characters skip class to do something far more interesting. So, with all of this said, this is definitely a scene that I would not hesitate to recommend to you at all. The key word for it is "fun". The storyline is fun, as is the accompanying sex, which itself is full of energy. This is a scene that you should see for both performers. As they both have a great showings here. Male talent, Alex Jett has a very strong performance in this scene, as he obviously gives it his all. And Katie Kush, she has such a nice presence on screen. She is so fucking cute as our naughty schoolgirl. I personally cannot wait to view more of her! But for now, I will close this with saying yes, I do definitely recommend checking this one out. It's a really fun time!
Cast: Katie Kush (with Alex Jett)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary, Side Fuck, Reverse Side Fuck, Doggy
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In this scene Katie Kush, drags home her nerdy boyfriend, Alex Jett, as they ditch class during a test. While Alex is a little bit apprehensive towards the whole idea, Katie herself has other plans. This as she gets Alex upstairs, and into her parents' bedroom. It is there that the two remove their shoes, as Katie inquires about Alex's virgin status. Although Alex attempts to play it cool, it is obvious that Katie knows that he has no experience. However, that does not stop the horny Katie, from coming on to Alex.

Things begin as Katie removes her bra, having Alex feel up her tits. This is followed by Katie removing Alex's pants, and then proceeding to suck his cock, immediately following this Katie squats on Alex's cock in reverse cowgirl. It is here that Alex's inexperience(in-character) shows, because, within seconds, he erupts with a big load inside of her. This startles Katie. However, Alex reassures her that everything will be ok if Katie would just take some of his sister's birth control. It's after this that things continue in both cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, as Katie quickly reverses her position after bouncing on the cock. Following this is spoon, as Alex continues to drive his cock in nice and steady. Missionary follows with Katie on her back. She shows off her flexibility from here, by spreading her legs in a split-legged fashion. Initially, Alex continues with a steady pace, until Katie pulls him in and on top of her essentially. It's then that Alex proceeds to drill the pussy hard, at a quick pace. Next up, we see a round of side fuck, as well as a reverse variation, after. Following this it's to doggy, where soon the camera takes an overhead view, where we see Alex's steady fucking, become long, calculated strokes, as he is in and out. 69 is next briefly, prior to both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl once again. From the latter, we see Katie slammed down hard, as Alex's cock plunges deep. This continues on as Katie also grinds a little on Alex. This is followed up by Alex flipping Katie over onto her back as things go back to missionary, as Katie has her legs initially split wide, once more. This is followed by Alex going down on Katie before we see doggy again. It's here that Alex continues at a steady pace, as the camera once again takes an overhead view of the action for the majority. This, before we have yet another return to missionary. This time Katie's legs are held high and tight, this as Alex proceeds to continue to go steady, and deep into her pussy. This is until Katie assumes the position on her stomach, with her legs held tightly together, as Alex goes on to straddle them to drill her pussy hard from this position. This lasting until we see a combination of Katie sucking off Alex, as well as he jerking his cock, which soon causes him to cum. The scene comes to an end with Alex blasting Katie's glasses with a nice, big healthy load.