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(click to enlarge) Ballerina Boning (2019)

Starring: Athena Rayne
Co-starring: Sam Shock

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
33 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In this scene titled "Ballerina Boning" for the TEAM SKEET subsite, GINGER PATCH, redhead, Athena Rayne is actually a ballerina who is trying out for a really tough school. However, when her tryout does not go her way, she truly does go the "extra mile" to get her foot in the door, so to speak. Yes it's true, when all else fails, fuck your instructor! Athena does just that. That is our setup here as we go straight into the sex after. Overall, when it comes to the setup of the scene, and the production overall, I have to give credit where it is due. The look and feel of this scenario comes across really well on screen. Honestly speaking, featured starlet Athena Rayne, looks so damn beautiful here as the titular ballerina. Like a petite princess in the white ballerina garb. Not only that, this scene accommodates her as she gets to display her dance skills somewhat, along with her flexibility. And when speaking of the latter, it too is utilized during the sexual acts. Speaking of the sex, the action seen here is pretty much straightforward, except for those moments which I just mentioned which showcasea Athena's flexibility, this including a backwards handstand blowjob, as well as Athena having her legs spread across the hand railing, as she gets fucked by Sam Shock. Altogether, it is just very visibly appealing, and for the most part, the sexual content is pleasing in my opinion. When it comes to how the scene plays out technically, although I have already mentioned that the production values are high, and that the visuals here are nice looking on screen, I do have to point out one error when it comes to the editing of the scene. Towards the end as we go into standing cowgirl, and then onto to standing side fuck, as the scene is meant to switch angles during the standing side fuck, it actually goes on to repeat again the standing cowgirl, then the standing side fuck again, until we get that alternate angle. This little flub is goofy but humoroue. It's no big deal, but it is definitely noticeable. But then once we're past this, the scene continues as intended, eventually coming to a close. To sum things up, this scene which runs and nearly 34 minutes in length, is in my opinion, enjoyable overall for what it is. I really liked beginning setup of things, as well as the look of it all. As I said Athena Rayne looks great, as our little ballerina girl. The sex itself is okay, with of course the highlights being when Athena's flexibility is brought out to play with. There were occasions whe that I thought that not enough time was spent in particular positions, most notably in standard and reverse cowgirl, other than that, for what it is, it is a fairly enjoyable effort, that is worth a look, especially if you happen to be a fan of Athena Rayne.
Cast: Athena Rayne (with Sam Shock)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl, Standing Side Fuck
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In this scene we have Athena Rayne, who is a young and beautiful ballerina, how happens to be trying out the prestigious school in front of instructor Sam Shock. It is just she, and he, as she does a bit of a run through for her tryout. Unfortunately for her however, although she has given it her all, Sam breaks the news to her that her efforts just aren't good enough gain acceptance into the prestigious Academy. This is surely dishearting to Athena, however she is determined to change the instructor's mind. This being as she goes into another dance - this time a floor routine. Initially, by the look things this would be no more than your average floor routine, however, as this continues, young Athena becomes more and more provocative, and otherwise sexualy suggestive. This continues all the way until Athena rips open her white stockings, as well as expose her breasts. It is clear that what she is trying to do is tp seduce the instructor into getting her way, and it doesn't take long until she is successful in both getting his attention, as well as she arousing him, this as she motions for him to join her. Athena drops to her knees, as she teases Sam's bulge from over his pants with her hand and mouth. This, prior to them going over to the barre(railing). Here, she balances herself, as Sam proceeds remove her bloomers, and then further ripping back of her white stockings, thus exposing more of her ass and pussy. It's after this that we see Sam spread and finger Antha's pussy. This is brief, as we next see Athena perform a handstand while administering a blowjob to Sam. This is also brief because eventually, Athena continues on in a more traditional manner. Next up, we then see Athena on all fours and then up against the railing, while Sam both finger-bang, and take her from behind, slipping his cock in for doggy, as Athena props her right leg up on the railing. Sam continues at a steady pace from here. This continues as her leg is off of the rail, as she then hold him tightly as Sam continues to plug away at her pussy for a time. Athena then follows this up by sucking Sam clean soon after. This action comes from side view, with the majority taking place from overhead POV. Sam then takes charge then placing Athena up on the barre, where she is spread-legged for his taking in missionary, as he here, fucks the pussy steadily. After this, Sam is however, on his back, as Athena climbs in for cowgirl. Here, with her legs pinned back, the petite Athena bounces steady on the cock. After some grinding here as well, position reverses to reverse cowgirl, for a brief round of bouncing. This is before Sam, next lifts Athena up as things transition to standing cowgirl. From this position, Sam proceeds at a steady pace, increasing his speed as his progress continues. Standing cowgirl is then followed by standing side fuck were Sam continues his steady, and hard pace. He keeps this very pace as they next go to doggy for an extended period. It is here that Sam consistently fucks the pussy, building up to his climax. This is then followed up by the conclusion of the scene as Sam goes on to jerk his cock eventually, and finally popping a load onto Athena's awaiting mouth.