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Taboo #03 (Original)
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Taboo #03 (Original) (1984)

Co-starring: Blake Palmer, Craig Roberts, David Sanders, Jerry Butler, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

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93 Min ( 1 hr 33 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I was excited to watch this title, after the high reviews the first two got, however it didn't quite work out that way. Instead we got a story and sex that didn't quite live up to the previous titles. Although incest was the main focus, mainly the mental battle Kay fights in hear head to not get involved with her other son, the topic wasn't the main focus. Although I did like how they tied in Honey and Blake as a mom/son couple. Probably the biggest drawback for me was Blake's wood issues. Anyway, I'd say the movie is worth watching, but even more so if you are keeping up with the series.
Scene 1: Kristara Barrington,Pamela Mann (with Blake Palmer)
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Sometime after the events of the second movie... We see Kay apologizing to her son (Mike Ranger - playing Paul), and begging him to come back as her other son listens in on the conversation. With no resolve, Kay heads off to the shoe store to meet up with a friend while her other son (Jerry Butler - playing Jimmy) heads off to manage his band. While he's doing that one of his assistants (Blake Palmer) is off having a little fun with the girls the band in attracting.

Pamela is a very attractive woman with medium length black hair and natural D cup tits. Kristara is an attractive woman with medium length black hair and natural C cup tits. After a suck and stroke session, Blake comes in each of the girls mouths'.
Scene 2: Kristara Barrington,Pamela Mann (with Jerry Butler)
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When Jerry is finished with the band, he heads off to join the girls and Blake in the sauna. Convinced they should have T&A in the show, Blake invites Pamela to show Jerry what she can do!

Pamela starts sucking Jerry's cock, then moves up to riding it in cowgirl. Kristara sucks on her tits as she rides, then Pamela jumps off and does some PTM. I guess it was insinuated he came in her?
Scene 3: Lisa Lake (with Blake Palmer)
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Back at the house, Jerry sneaks a peek at Kay (his mom), and falls into the same lustful thoughts that Mike did. Before getting caught he shuts the door and knocks. He steers the conversation to the two of them having dinner together with the possibility of his girlfriend showing up, however she's got different plans... She's bored to death with Jerry and his focus on the bad, so she heads over to Blake's place to get a little action.

Lisa is a decent looking woman with short blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Starting off on her back, she gets her mouth fucked while we get some interesting shots. Having him please her too, she sits on his face some, then heads up to reverse cowgirl. Blake had some noticeable wood issues too. Down in doggy, Lisa whips her head around like she's possessed, and the scene eventual ended with no cumshot.
Scene 4: Honey Wilder (with Blake Palmer)
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The next day Kay and Honey have lunch, which leads to some conversation about she and Mike. Quickly she clams up, but later seduces her son (Blake) into telling her what he knows...

Honey is an attractive woman with medium length brown hair and natural C cup tits. After starting with some kissing in a sexy negligee and some 69 action, Blake fucks Honey's box in missionary, having wood problems like in the previous scene. Pulling out, he cums on her bush, and she cleans up the cock with her mouth before we move on.
Scene 5: Lisa Lake (with Jerry Butler)
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The next morning, Lisa calls looking for Jerry, but he's sleeping. Once he gets up he and Kay have a serious talk about where he and Lisa's relationship is going, which is really kind of pointless. Later in the day when Jerry meets up with Lisa, she expresses her concern about his mom not liking her, but he can careless, he's interested in fuckin'!

With Lisa on her back, Jerry does his best to eat and finger her as she thrashes around, then he moves up to fucking her. At that point Kay comes home and watches the couple from afar. Before the end of the scene Kay runs off, but there wasn't a cum shot, so I would only assume he came inside her.
Scene 6: Honey Wilder,Kay Parker (with Blake Palmer)
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In her room, Kay runs through mental pictures of what just happened while rubbing her crotch, then promptly makes a phone call to her friend Honey, wanting to go over and talk to her about this whole thing of her fantasizing about Mike (her first son) and now Jerry. However when she arrives, she unexpectedly walks in on Honey and her son (Blake) having sex! In disbelieve she looks on, then joins in on the fun!

Blake is a lucky man, he gets Honey on his face, while Kay sucks his cock. He gives back, eating Kay's box a little, then struggles with getting his cock hard when trying to fuck Kay on her back. He does get going and Honey watches on, and when it's time, he pulls out and gives little to no cum shot on Kay's belly.
Scene 7: Angel West,Colleen Brennan,Kristara Barrington,Lisa Lake,Misty Dawn,Pamela Mann (with Blake Palmer, Craig Roberts, David Sanders, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy)
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With the record execs in town, Jerry heads up the band putting on a show for them. At the after-party, they really kick it into high gear, offering up some meat to the hungry wolves.

Colleen is an attractive woman with short red hair and natural D cup tits. Angel is a cute girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. Misty is an attractive woman with medium length brown hair and natural C cup tits. This big scene opens with some oral, with some guy on girl action, some girl on guy action and some girl/girl 69! The sex gets rolling and we get some nice shots of Kristara getting fucked in missionary. We even got some nice pussy gaping shots! Anyway, she soon gets a hot load of cum dumped on her bush, then we cut over to Ron. Lisa rides his face, then rides his cock in cowgirl. As the scene continues, Colleen's on her back as she gets her tits fucked, which ends up in her getting a nice Pearl necklace. The action keeps going too, with Pamela jerking a guy's load out with her hands, and then the scene wraps up with Ron fucking Angel in missionary before he gives her a big load in her open mouth.
Scene 8: Honey Wilder (with Jerry Butler)
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With RJ signing the contract right before he came in Angel's mouth, the next morning comes and as Jerry walks in the door, he's called into the bathroom. Kay tried to pry into what happened since he was out all night, but not much comes from the tight lipped Jerry, but when he goes to give her a kiss, he sure does it deep. Key gets upset, she sends him off. Over at Blake's place, Jerry waits on him to show up, but Honey has some plans for Jerry before Blake gets there...

Honey begins with blowing Jerry, then he moves up behind her for some spoon fucking. He gets nice a deep in her too, all the way to the balls! As the scene concludes he pulls out and cums on her nice bush.
Scene 9: Honey Wilder,Kay Parker (with Marc Wallice)
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Sometime later, Honey shows up at Kay's place to help her find some young studs! The topic of Jerry comes up and Honey promises to steer clear, then orders a pizza so Honey can show Kay the pizza stud. When he shows up and delivers the pizza, the hungry cougars swoop in!

After getting him out of his cloths, Honey and Kay start sucking on his cock. Marc then buries his face in Kay's sexy snatch, then stops eating to finger her while Honey helps out. On to the sex, Kay gets first dibs, riding cowgirl while Honey sits on Marc's face. Down in spoon, Key continues to get the cock as Honey helps out as best she can, rubbing and licking on Marc's balls and giving some tongue attention to Kay's clit. Unfortunately the scene ends and there's no cum shot...
Scene 10: Kay Parker (with Jerry Butler)
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When Kay gets home she sees her first son's (Mike Ranger) car in the drive way and gets very excited. Quickly she goes in and gets a rather sexy looking number on, then heads into Mike's room, where he's sleeping. Finding him nude just makes things easier, but when she gets to sucking his cock, the lights come on and it's Jerry! Knowing she shouldn't she gives in to him.

The scene kicks off with some oral on Jerry, which turns into some 69 action! On to the action, Kay rides reverse cowgirl, then gets the cock while on her back before taking Jerry's load in her mouth.
Not much in the way of extras, and none were expected. But the little we were afforded, we got a photo gallery, a 7 minute Kay Parker interview and some trailers:
Taboo 2
Playing With Fire
No points for or against here.