SwineysPro-Am.c4slive.com: BBW Beauty Karla Lane Porky 3-Way
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SwineysPro-Am.c4slive.com: BBW Beauty Karla Lane Porky 3-Way

Starring: Karla Lane
Co-starring: Angus Maple, Tim Von Swine

Reviewed by PL

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
25 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Karla is a cutie, and fuckin' A... That tongue of hers is FANTASTIC! And while I know I sound like a broken record, this was another fun fling. Tim puts on a different kind of show than what's out there. It's fun and really laid back, which for me is a big draw to the scenes. This one was very much the same, and I just loved how the natural chemistry between all of them flowed. I also really liked how the scene was seemed like capturing people fuck - When Karla gave her input as to how she thought the scene should end. Well, I just really enjoyed it. Even though it didn't pan out how she envisioned it, the fact she shared it and we got to see that... It made it feel that much more authentic. And adding to that feeling was the post-pop backstory/history between Tim and Karla. While I would have liked to have seen her beautiful bush up close some more, this is still a scene that should be seen!
Cast: Karla Lane (with Angus Maple, Tim Von Swine)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
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The scene kicked off with Karla giving Angus a warm-up BJ. Tim got in on the action too, and both of whom were very impressed with her skills Apparently this is her secon best skill - first is anal! So after Tim gave her pussy a tongue bath, it was time for the fuckin' as Tim slid in her beautifully hairy pussy. Karla seemed very proud of her self for noticing how badly Angus wanted to cum, but really. But really, who would blame him?! In doggy, with Tim in the saddle, he worked it until she looked like she came. After fucking some more in mish, Karla then got down on her knees, sucking Angus and giving Tim's balls some attention. When Angus got close, he took over, spraying her neck with a load of jizz. Then Swiney took his shot, really blasting her good!