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Sweet Cheeks #02
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Sweet Cheeks #02 (2002)

Co-starring: Andreas Moranty, Erik Everhard, John Strong, Lexington Steele

Directed by Erik Everhard

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Sweet Cheeks
139 Min ( 2 hr 19 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this title an 8. This was a pretty solid title, typical Anabolic, but it did have a weak spot; scene 2. I really think they could have just trashed the scene. I'm not knocking Anabolic, or any of the cast in that scene, it's just think Anabolic is very capable of a better overall scene. On a lighter note, Gauge's scene was amazingly hot and sexy, and Jessica and Silvia turn in two very nice performances as well. Those who will like Anabolic will like this title, for the most part, but if your not an anal fan or a 2 guys on 1 girl fan, steer clear.
Scene 1: Venus (Euro) (with Erik Everhard)
First up we have Venus and Erik. Venus is a cute girl with medium length blonde hair and natural D/DD cup tits. We catch her in a bathtub/hot tub with lots of suds, she shows off her body, showcasing her beautiful ass then tell us it's time to fuck. The camera is low, folowing her into a room where Erik is on the couch awaiting her. Once she gets there she mounts his face and they immediatly go into a 69. Not wasting to much time Venus then straddles Erik cowgirl and he begins pounding away. They then move to modified missionary/spooning position with her on her side. They continue screwing with Venus moving to a doggy position, she then goes back to her side and Erik supplys some anal. Erik coninues to pound at her ass for a bit then she moves to a missionary position where Erik resumes the anal pounding. After a long bout of anal,theres a cut, we get back to some vaginal sex with Venus still in missionay and Erik pumps away until he's ready to cum. He does so in her mouth, but Venus is greedy and doesn't take the open mouth facial, she takes the FULL load in her closed mouth and swallows it down! This was a very good scene and my hat's off to Erik, he did a tremendous job of pounding in this scene plus Venus looked to have cum a few times too!
Scene 2: Michaela (with Andreas Moranty, Erik Everhard)
Next up we have Michaela, Erik and Andreas. Michaela is an average looking girl with medium length dark maroon hair and antural B cup tits. We catch up with her as she's walkin around the yard, doing a little tease for us and picking some weeds/flowers from the grass. She signals the camera to follow her and then they cut to her on a bed, in doggy, with her playing with her self a bit before cutting to her sucking off Erik while Andreas starts fucking her from behind. Michaela moves up to
Scene 3: Charlotte (with Erik Everhard, John Strong)
Here we have Charlotte, Erik and John. Charlotte is also a decent looking girl with short black hair and natural A cup tits. As we catch up to Charlotte, she's standing in a room and delivers a liitle tese footage for us before She drops to her knees and starts sucking Erik's dick; POV style! She also sucks on John's dick before she moves to doggy with Erik pumping away at her from behind (POV style) as she blows John. She then moves to a cowgirl position with John and after a bit we cut to her on her side and Erik pushes deep into her ass. Charlotte moves to doggy and John gets his turn in her ass as well, he's in the saddle for a bit, then cums in her ass, leaving a nice little anal cream pie! The attention turns back to Erik as he pumps away at her pussy in doggy (POV style) until hes ready, then unloads on her face. This was a good scene, unfortunatly we didn't get any DPs, but I though Charlotte still performed well.
Scene 4: Jessica Dee (with Erik Everhard, Lexington Steele)
For this scene we have Jessica, Lex and Erik. Jessica is a good looking girl with medium length blonde hair who has very nice and natural C cup tits. As we catch up with her she's in a shower stall (shower off) doing some sexy dancing for us. We then cut to her walkin down a few stairs and she meets up with Lex and Erik, heading right for Lex's cock and sucking it. She moves into position, doggy, and while still sucking on Lex as Erik begins to pound her. She flips around so Lex can get a little too before she moves to her side and Erik plunges into her ass. Moving to a cowgirl position Erik takes anchor and Lex moves in to plug her butt and supply the DP! Erik picks her up for a little flying cowgirl, then once again, Lex comes in to supply the flying DP! Moving back to the matress on the floor they stay in their respective positions and continue with the DP. Jessica is then back in doggy and back on the matresson the floor with Lex pumping away until he cums. After delivering the open mouth facial, which she spits out, Erik moves in on her ass so he can finish as well. He pumps away until he goes and does so in her ass leaving us with a nice little anal cream pie. This is a great scene Jessica pumps out a great performance with great enthusiasm.
Scene 5: Silvia Lancome (with Erik Everhard)
Here we have Silvia and Erik. Silvia is an attractive girl with short black hair and natural C cup tits. As we catch up to Silvia she's standing infront of a mirror, bending over, playng with herself and supplying some nice tease footage. Se then walks out of the room and find Erik on the couch waiting for her, she gets right to work sucking his dick. Not taking too long, Silvia mounts Erik cowgirl then he picks her up and does some nice flying cowgirl. Erik lays her on the couch and continues going at it with her in a modified missionary position, then we cut to Silvia in doggy for a bit. Again we have a cut, Silvia is still in doggy, and Erik slowly shoves himself in her ass before moving her to missionry and continueing the anal. Staying in missionary Erik continues to pound away until he cums, and does so in her mouth. She never really swallows, but rather sucks his dick and pushes it out while doing so. This was a good scene Silvia rivaled Jessica in her scene. She just looked really good during the while scene and was enthusiastic, I'm going to try to find more of this girls movies.
Scene 6: Gauge (with Erik Everhard, John Strong)
And to "round out the bottom" of the movie we have Gauge, Erik and John. Gauge is a sexy looking girl with medium length brown hair and great natural C cup tits. The cameraman opens the door to Gauge stand with her back to us, she makes her way in the house and gives some very nice tease footage. They then cut to her walking into the room with Erik abd John on a couch awaiitng her arrival, and once she does she immediatly gets things started by taking turns sucking their cocks. As she sucks on John Erik slips behinde her and starts screwing her in standing doggy. They cut to Gauge easing down on John, in cowgirl as she sucks on Erik, then cut Gauge who is continuning to suck on John and Erik pushing into Gauge's ass; showing so me nice gapes. Erik pulls Gauge up into a flying cowgirl but not before long John comes in and supplys the flying DP! After a bit they then cut to them on the couch with Gauge taking a cowgirl DP with the guys in the same respective places. We then cut to Gauge on her stomach and Erik is pumping away at her ass. He pulls out and deliver not 1, but THREE pops, of coures the first was the mest and she swalows all three. As Gauge is takin Erik's third pop, John cums in her ass and she pushes it out for a nice anal cram pie ending. This was a hot scene and Gauge was smokin' hot! This young lady knows how to turn in a hot scene and this is why Gauge has the box cover...