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A part of the AdultForce network Stoya: Sexy Hot
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Stoya: Sexy Hot (2008)

Co-starring: Johnny Sins, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Tommy Gunn

Directed by Celeste

Reviewed by PL

(8.17 / 10)

Where to get it
137 Min ( 2 hr 17 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: First off, I'm going to say I really love watching Digital Playgrounds movies lately. They have the BEST picture quality I have seen on DVD, and I can only imagine what their BluRay discs look like. I could go on and on about the picture quality... Anyway, I made a mental note earlier in the year to see Stoya in action. Everyone I know was cooing over her and I had to see why. So I picked this title, which seemed to be centered around her, and now I get it. I'm cooing to. Not only is she phenomenally sexy, she's got that "it". Very similar to Sasha Grey in my eyes, and coincidentally she's paired with Sasha. The best scene in the movie, at least to me, but it was a very close call between it and scene 3. So with that, the sex was good, really peaking at times though. The action was well shot too, with some great close-ups, something I like. This is an easy purchase recommendation if you are already a Stoya, but even if you aren't, it's still very worth it.
Scene 1: Stoya (with Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Stoya is a sexy girl with short black hair and natural B cup tits. Stoya kicks the movie off, texting Nomar to come over and fuck her. While waiting she starts getting ready with a toy, then he gets there and takes over with his fingers and tongue. She returns the favor, and even lets him get another taste of her pussy with some 69 action before going up to cowgirl. As she rides we get some nice shots of her open pussy, then it's down into doggy where we get some nice shots. Especially some nice close-ups of her pussy lips snuggled up on Ramon's cock. Cutting away, Stoya's on her knees as he jerks off, cumming in her mouth. She pushes it out and then sucks the rest of the cum out of his cock, pushing it out as well. Pretty solid stuff here, the scene felt a little short though.
Scene 2: Lacey Love,Lyndsey Love (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Lyndsey and Lacey are identical twins. Both are very attractive girls with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Unfortunately for me I couldn't tell them apart here. With the two girls on the couch, side by side with toys, sucking on them before fucking themselves with them. Mick then comes in, making a good move to sit in between them. Cock out, the girls get right on it, sucking it and his balls. However he also has them take turns sitting on his face. The girls get into doggy, which he cycles between fucking, then he has one go to reverse cowgirl while getting the other to sit on his face. After some PTM from both, the other girl gets her turn, then one rides in cowgirl. Moving up behind one of the girls, Mick fucks her spoon as the other girl licks on his balls and does the PTOGM action. The other girls gets some spooning action too, then we cut to Mick jerking off. He gives each girl her share of cum in their mouth, and each looked to swallow her share too. This was a solid scene. On one had the idea of the scene was erotic, on the other hand something felt weird! Some things I like to see happen in a B/G/G scene didn't happen, and with good reason.
Scene 3: Dana DeArmond,Stoya (with Johnny Sins)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Dana is a sexy looking girl with short black hair and natural B cup tits. We jump right into the action with Stoya going to town on Dana's tits, biting her nipples, then eating her pussy and ass; adding some fingers to the mix too. With Dana in doggy, Stoya works her ass with a toy and has her do ATM on it before it's her turn. Dana eats her ass and spanks her. Enter Johnny. While Stoya sucks on his cock Dana plays with Stoya's asshole, then assists in the BJ; Dana did some nice deep throat too! Stoya takes the cock first, riding reverse cowgirl while Dana plants her ass on Johnny's face, then Stoya spins around to cowgirl. And she chokes Dana as she rides. Next it's Dan's turn to get some cock, but she takes it up her ass in reverse cowgirl while Stoya works his balls with her mouth and does the ATOGM. Getting in doggy, Stoya continues taking the anal while eating Stoya's box and using a toy on her. Sticking with doggy, Stoya gets back to taking the cock, and we get a great shot of the insert. Dana chokes Stoya as she gets fucked, then Johnny pulls out and cums on Stoya's ass cheek. Dana laps it up and spits it back into Stoya's mouth. They then do some kissing and I think both swallowed some cum as well. But I'm not 100% sure... Regardless, hell of a scene though! Stoya and Dana clicked well. As a matter of fact, they looked more into each other than Johnny.
Scene 4: Annette Schwarz (with Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Annette is a very attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Kicking off the scene, Annette is already diggin' her fingers in her pussy and ass, getting herself ready for Ramon. He comes in, eats her ass, then she impales her face on his cock. And Annette just goes all out really, she also eats his ass and manages to get his cock and balls in her mouth!! Nice. Cutting away, Annette lowers the mast down on the dick in cowgirl, then spins around to reverse cowgirl. We got some great close-ups of Annette's swollen pussy engulfing Ramon's member too. Getting off, she does more deep throat action, then gets into doggy to get her ass filled with man-meat. She stops and tastes her ass off the dick, then gets on her back, with Ramon finding his home in her ass again. After tasting her ass one more time, Ramon jerks off and blasts her with cum. What cum she can get in her mouth, she plays with, then swallows it down. Another smokin' hot scene, which isn't surprising since it's Annette. I'm fairly certain there is no better blow job given in porn. Also, I really enjoyed Annette's cum play at the end of the scene.
Scene 5: Dakota Brookes,Stoya (with Johnny Sins)
Rating: 7.00/10
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Dakota is a cute girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. We start into this one kind of oddly. We see Stoya in a bunny mask while she uses a carrot dildo to fuck herself. I only knew it was her because the mask eventually came off. Regardless, we do get some nice close-ups, but then we cut to the real scene. In a slightly more traditional setting, we see Dakota in bed with a sleeping Johnny. Looking like she woke up horny, she snakes her hand under the covers to find his cock, but soon her mouth takes over. Giving Johnny the best "wake-up call" a man can ever get... After a little 69 action, Dakota then heads up to cowgirl, first rubbing her pussy on the cock before getting him inside her; Christ do I find this hot! Keeping inside her, Dakota spins around to reverse cowgirl where we get some nice close ups. Getting off him, she tastes her pussy and takes him deep down her throat, then Johnny fucks her doggy. Down to spoon, we get some nice close-ups too, but then the action evolved into missionary. When Johnny's ready he pulls out and cums, and the fucker came hard too, landing some of his wad all the way up on her shoulder! But most of his load ends up on her belly and tits. But the best part was when she rubbed some of the cum on her pussy as the scene closed out. Solid scene from Dakota. Nothing to rave about as a whole, but some very sexy stuff happened.
Scene 6: Sasha Grey,Stoya (with Tommy Gunn)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Sasha is a very sexy girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Together on a couch, Sasha and Stoya are kissing and groping with some back and forth pussy eating, and some nice spit swapping (spitting in each other's mouths, back and forth). Then Stoya breaks out the toy. She fucks Sasha with it, then Tommy comes in. Both girls then turn their attention to the cock, sucking it, but I particularly liked how Sasha used his belt to collar Stoya. Also, I got a kick out of Stoya getting speechless at one moment, Sasha asks her a questions and she just blanks - LOL. But Sasha didn't miss a beat Anyway, Stoya gets in doggy to take the cock first. As Tommy fucks her, she gets all nice and creamy for him while Sasha does the PTOGM, and we also got some beautiful close-ups of the action. Sasha wants some action too, so she plants her pussy in front of Stoya's mouth so she can get eaten. It's then time for Sasha's bout with the cock, taking it spoon, and again the close-ups are magnificent. But then the scene got really hot, Stoya takes Sasha's foot and sucks on it, then sticks the foot in her pussy! I'm not big into feet, but this was fuckin' hot... Cutting away, Stoya's back in action, taking the cock cowgirl while Sasha rims her some before sticking her pussy back in Stoya's face (as she continues to ride); this time Stoya fucks her with a toy. Cutting away Tommy jerks off into Stoya's mouth, who swaps it over to Sasha. The two swap the cum around and kiss with it, and both looked to swallow the cum too. Although I'm not 100% on it... Another very hot scene. Sasha and Stoya clicked well and it just worked. Additionally, I liked how the girls looked together. I thought Sasha had a pale look to her, but next to Stoya, not so much... But both looked great! Oh, and Sasha was sporting a gorgeous bush!
There wasn't a whole lot in the way of extras on this disc. About 9 minutes of behind the scene is what we got, but there was also a slide show and a photo gallery, followed up with some trailers:
Pirates 2
Island Fever #4
Deeper #10
Jana Cova in Blue
Jack's Teen America #18
Katsuni: Video Nasty
Just not enough extras to get some extra points out of me, no worries though, it's not like the movie desperately needed them