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Stepsister Creampies (2017)

Co-starring: Jake Adams, Nathan Bronson, Robby Echo

Reviewed by PL

(8.25 / 10)

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149 Min ( 2 hr 29 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: This was on my radar mainly because it's a cream pie movie (I'm a big cream pie fan), but also it's an Evil Angel movie - I still am getting over my excitement for them allowing cream pies now! But additionally, I seen someone else (Rick L. Blalock on ADT) review this title. After reading that, I was nudged over the edge and had to see it. Of course the movie is riding the current "high" of step sibling movie. It was what I was expecting and was pretty well done. While the setups weren't very in-depth, I enjoyed them, my favorite was Chloe's. I was rather impressed by the ladies too. While I've seen Kimber, and I knew what I was getting with her (and of course she put on a good show for us), the others were all new to me - as well as the male talent (who were just as good, honestly). While Lisey was the standout for me, I was impressed with Chloe too. It's hard to go wrong with this one from a sex standpoint or a cream pie standpoint, but especially from a cream pie perspective. It's certainly an easy recommendation from me!
Scene 1: Chloe Cherry (with Robby Echo)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Prone, Cowgirl
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In a skimpy top and panties, Chloe is doing yoga when her brother spotted her and started staring. Unphased, she invited him to watch as she continued, in fact, she invited him to help her! Obviously, she was leading him on, finally saying "I see how much you stare at me - let's just do this"! She did a really nice job, sucking and deep throating it, making it really sloppy and even doing some ass eating! Lying on the couch, Chloe let him enter. Over in doggy, Robby gave her pussy and ass a few good licks, then got back to work as Chloe squeaked with pleasure. "Let's do some yoga!", Robby said, having her move down on the floor. Lying on her belly, Chloe spread her ass, showing a little bit of a gaping asshole as Robby slipped back inside her pussy. Up in cowgirl, Chloe did some nice riding of the cock, but the position really accented her nice ass! "Please, please cum inside me", she begged, and shortly thereafter, she got what she wanted. It wasn't a terribly big load, but you could definitely see it leaking out of her pink hole. I thought it was pretty hot how she fingered it out and even better, she licked it off his belly and swallowed it! I was really diggin' the scene overall, the way Chloe lead the scene, it just worked. I was also diggin' her nice bush and the cherry earrings were a nice touch too
Scene 2: Lisey Sweet (with Nathan Bronson)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Pile Driver, Side / Back, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl
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Lisey was feeling naughty, so she decided to watch some porn. Obviously, all this did was fan the flames, and soon she had her hand down her pants playing with herself. Eventually, Nathan stumbled across her and it was awkward... He tried to get her to tell him what she was really doing but she wasn't having it, finally, he resorted to blackmail - she fucks him, he won't tell his dad or her mom. Finally she caved, after all, she was already worked up. Nathan started off eating her bushy pussy, then stuffed it with her panties! Still stuffed with her panties, she sucked and deep throated his cock, then went to doggy. Without even taking the panties out, he pushed in! Linsey did her best to get his tongue up his ass and get his balls all the way in her mouth before he buried his cock back inside her puffy pussy in pile driver (the panties were gone). Having her lay down, Nathan really gave her a forceful fuckin', then it was back to doggy. Up in cowgirl, Lisey seemed to get a kick out of Nathan as he told her to push the air out of her pussy (queefing), finally settling back into the dicking. Finally, Lisey was up in cowgirl. She blurted out she's not on birth control but wanted him to "pop that seed in her". He pounded away until she got it, and deep! Not the normal tip-of-the-dick style! As she pulled up and off, with a gargle it seeped out with some beautiful cum bubbles! The camera kept close to make sure we saw everything come out, eventually fading to black. A fantastic scene here. While the scene wasn't quite as organic as I was hoping, the sex was pretty bad ass. Lisey was hot, doing some great dirty talk and seemed to be into the rougher side of fucking! Not to mention I was diggin' her bush
Scene 3: Kimber Woods (with Jake Adams)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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Kimber and Jake are already going at it, kissing hoping their parent don't walk in on them. In true porn fashion, her shorts came off and her panties were slipped back on before those were moved to the side strategically so he could eat her pussy and ass With no hesitation, Kimber got the cock as far down her throat as she could, sucking him hard, before going to doggy - with her panties still on and pulled to the side. Finally, the panties came off as Kimber went to mish, squealing that she was going to cum and instructing him to choke her and "fuck that little pussy"! It was a nice sight to see as Kimber bounced her bubble butt up and down on the cock (cowgirl), working up quite a sweat before moving to reverse! With Kimber back in cowgirl, she rode him, begging for the cum inside her. Like Lisey, she got a good deep cream pie, wish quickly leaked out of her as he pulled out. The camera got some great long shots of her cum soaked pussy before finally fading out. This one felt a little rushed, with no setup like the previous two. Still, a good scene though. Kimber is so hot and she's certainly got the performance down - lots of energy.
Scene 4: Rose Darling (with Nathan Bronson)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
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In an effort to fuck with her stepbrother, she acted upset when she found out Nathan was cumming in her panties, but when he apologized she flipped the script - asking him to cum in her instead! She explained however since she figured it out it's all she can think about! Although hesitant, he was down. Rose got his cock out and sucked it hard, giving some good throat action, then laid down to allow Nathan to take a quick taste of her plump pussy before sliding inside. Having her get on all fours, Nathan grabbed her hair and gave it to her as deep as he could. She was sporting these socks with pink glazed doughnuts that I thought were funny, but oddly connected to the scene The continued to fuck in mish and doggy with Nathan stopping to show her pretty pink hole a couple of times, and eventually we cut to him cumming inside her. Normally I would suspect a cut-to cream pie is a faked one, but I think this was legit, and if it were fake, it's the best one I've ever seen. Anyway, the camera held close to let us see the spooge drip from her open pussy, then pulled back to let us see Rose take a taste of the cum before fading to black. While I did enjoy the setup to this one, it just didn't pop as much for me as the others did. I wasn't feeling like there was much chemistry between Rose and Nathan and the limited positions didn't help. I did like the way her pussy hole was focused on though
There were 8 minutes of BTS, which isn't very long, to be honest, but Cherry made it all worth it. Apparently, she is a big cream pie fan, which was music to my ears! It was pretty hot to hear her talk about how "everybody" came inside her! In fact, in her personal life, she only does them! To add to that, Lisey and Kimber seemed to be cream pies too. While Rose didn't seem to like the cream pies as much as the others, she had a kink of her own, fucking with a butt plug in!