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SpyFam.com: Stepbro Walks-in on Stepsis Having Orgasmic Seizure (2019)

Starring: Kenzie Reeves
Co-starring: Seth Gamble

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
27 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from SPY FAM presents to us, a classic set up. Someone comes home, believes that they are all alone, decides to get intimate with themselves, only to be surprised and interrupted by someone. This is exactly the scenario that Kenzie Reeve's faces in this scene, when she tries to try out her new Hitachi vibrator for the first time, only to be interrupted by her Stepbrother Seth Gamble, who has come back to retrieve his wallet during a supposed trip to the mall. That is our setup here. With that said I will tell you that it is a very nice beginning to things here. As things kick off with a fantastic masturbatory session by Kenzie. Here, Kenzie quickly gets to work on her pussy with the Hitachi. The vibrator is so strong that it doesn't take long for it to send Kenzie squirming about in sheer delight, feeling so good that she is even seen squirting hard, multiple times. The action begins when Kenzie is caught mid-orgasm by Stepbrother Seth. In the story Kenzie asks her brother, if he has ever seen a girl orgasm, and soon lures him into sex. Initially, Kenzie takes charge of this, going on to suck his cock really good. This, as she slobber on his hard shaft However, as the scene continues, we see Seth take more of an initiative, as he pounds away at Kenzie's plump pussy making her shake and tremble, and yes like the vibrator before him, squirt with no control, multiple times throughout the action.

SPY FAM, is a website that is centered around the idea of surveillance cameras. So with that idea in mind, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the scene, as I went into it. I did not know if the cameras would cause a distraction when it came to the action, or what. Luckily however, I had nothing to worry about, as the cameras really aided in the visuals. Not to mention that the action here is fast-paced from beginning to its end virtually. The action is really raw, and somewhat intense, as Kenzie was really reactive to the action at hand. I mean her body was all over the place. Spasming, trembling and shaking with every coming and concluding orgasm, not to mention that her face was really expressive as well, with her eyes sometimes wide open, or rolling back in her head. It's definitely fun to see, and makes for a highly enjoyable scene. This, coupled by the confident, a consistent work by the veteran Seth Gamble, creates a fever pitch chemistry. One that does not sit still. Overall, I really enjoyed this scene. From the setup, and especially the beginning portion which sees Kenzie masturbate while solo. This session was incredible, and the squirting is ultra erotic The sex which follows the masturbation is on par with said opening segment. This being as the momentum carries over into Kenzie's participation with Seth. All around, this is a really great scene that I definitely recommend checking out. It is in both straight to the point, and fast paced, yet at the same time, it is very satisfying to the viewer.
Cast: Kenzie Reeves (with Seth Gamble)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, Side Fuck
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The scene opens up with Kenzie Reeves coming home to an empty house. With her parents away, brother Seth at the mall, Kenzie is all alone to try out her new toy that she has just bought - a brand new Hitachi vibrator. Kenzie wastes no time removing her pants and going on to lie on her back, on the bed with her legs spread, she train the vibrator on her clit. With the vibrator on a high speed it does not take the toy long to drive Kenzie to a raging orgasm. As things progress Kenzie's body spasms and squirms on the bed, as she experiences multiple orgasms. Orgasms so intense that she soon squirts her girl juices several times. This, as surveillance cameras located around the room capture it all. As the orgasms continue, her body is out of control very much in a seizure-like state. It is around this time that Kenzie's brother Seth comes home unexpectedly to catch his sister in the act. However, he is alarmed, thinking that his sister is legitimately having a seizure. When Kenzie comes down from the orgasmic high, she is startled to find Seth there. He says that he has forgotten his wallet. Kenzie is slightly embarrassed, however not put off by Seth's discovery. She goes on to explain exactly what was happening, and then goes on to ask her stepbrother if he has ever seen a girl orgasm before. This is when she asks him if he would like to see it up close, meaning would he like to experience it with she. Seth is of course, hesitant, as he is her Stepbrother. However, Kenzie assures him that it is okay as they are only step siblings, not technically related. Seth still remains a little hesitant, but soon Kenzie takes charge pushing Seth on his back, getting his cock out, after which, she proceeds to suck. This being while the camera gives us a POV view of the cocksucking. Kenzie works the shaft singularly, and with both hands, and with her mouth, while slobbering heavily on the cock for a time. This is then followed up by Kenzie straddling the cock in cowgirl. Initially, Kenzie bounces her ass on the cock, that is, until Seth takes over to slam her down on is cock, hard and fast. This as close range camera as well as a side view rooms surveillance camera delivers the action on-screen. Following this the position is then reversed, as Kenzie spins on the cock going into reverse cowgirl. It is from here, that Seth fucks Kenzie at an increasing rate, one that becomes harder, and over time, that causes Kenzie to squirt multiple times. Next up, Kenzie is face down and ass up, as Seth takes her from behind to fuck at a steady pace, as the progress makes Kenzie's legs tremble. After this the doggy continues however, we see Seth straddle Kenzie's ass in order to pound his cock in deep and hard for a time. This, before things go to missionary as the camera takes an overhead view of the action. It is during this action Kenzie comes to another squirting orgasm eventually as we see it from the overhead the camera angle. We then have a closer overhead view, prior to switching to a side view, as it is missionary/side fuck from then on. It's from here that Seth continues to fuck until he builds himself up to cum. The scene comes to a close with Seth jerking off to shoot a big load onto Kenzie's face to end things effectively before the parents come home.