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(click to enlarge) Rocky Emerson's Soldier (2018)

Starring: Rocky Emerson
Co-starring: Brad Knight

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

23 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Although I have reviewed DVDs for them in the past, today I review my first individual scene for the fine folks at SPIZOO - and it is a reality based scene. Though it is fairly basic and set up. Basically, the scene, which is titled "Rocky Emerson's soldier", deals with Rocky Emerson and Brad Knight as a couple. In the story, Brad is a US soldier on leave. Unfortunately, it is a leave that lasts only two weeks, as we find in the scene that he is called back to duty, and that he must report back immediately. However, before he goes, Rocky of course, has one final parting gift for him. And we all know what that is! That is the gist of the setup. Following this we go straight into the sexual content at hand. As a whole, the sex of the scene in my opinion, is really solid. A credit to Director Mark White, is that the sex scene here is captured well. First of all, we have a nice, crisp and clear picture for the entirety of the scene. This, coupled with nice shot selection, including great close-up work of the reactions as well as the penetration. And providing the visuals are performers Rocky Emerson of Brad Knight, who together create a very nice chemistry on-screen. Are they believable as the couple faced with deployment? Yes. Though the setup is all but brief, I'd say that it's fairly believable. I believed it. This feeling of course transitions over to the action. It's action that I felt that was fairly passionate, which is how it needed to be in order to be believed. First of all, Brad Knight does good work here, as he fucks Rocky consistently over time. I loved the fast pacing and hard fucking. Even more so, the fact that the camera was right there, and in close to capture the detail of it all. As for Rocky Emerson, I have sort of been following her on social media and the like, but I had yet to see her perform. This is my first time doing so, I have to say that I'm really impressed with her. She is a great performer, and seems to be very passionate. Not to mention, that she looks really good too! So together, these two come together in the scene and create something very solid. And as for White, he gives us something very appealing to the eye. Collectively this is a scene that I would definitely recommend viewing, for sure!
Cast: Rocky Emerson (with Brad Knight)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy
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The scene begins in the morning, as Brad Knight and Rocky Emerson are awaken by a strong, consistent knock at the door. Brad rises from the bed quickly, and he goes downstairs to answer the door only to be served papers when he opens it. He knows what the papers signify. They are to tell him that he has been called back to serve his country, after only two weeks on leave. Brad next gets dressed in his fatigues and goes back into the bedroom to tell Rocky the bad news. Of course, Rocky is obviously disappointed. Brad tries to comfort her, saying that it is for America. But with this in mind, only Rocky knows what will comfort her best - one last fling with her man before his departure.

At the start, passionate kissing between Brad and Rocky, leads to Rocky sucking Brad's cock, following she shoving him back on the bed. With Brad on his back, Rocky takes him into her mouth, slowly sucking him deep, and simultaneously stroking the shaft. For a time the camera takes a nice facing point-of-view, as it focuses on Rocky face, as her mouth does the work. This, as she also sucks on Brad's balls, additionally. From here the blow job continues as Brad goes on to stand on his feet. Rocky continues to take it deep into her throat, and Brad also fucks her face. Following this is then Rocky on her back, as she is now on the bed. From here, Brad spanks her mound with his cock, prior to teasing her hole with the tip. He then inserts himself deep, and proceeds with the in and out. The continues with a increasing pace, and at times, Brad applies a choke, and simultaneously inserts fingers into the pussy opening as well. The pace eventually settling into a deep and hard variety. Rocky, then sucks on Brad briefly again, before she then climbs on to ride in cowgirl. It is from here, from a side view, that we see Rocky bounce the cock. This is until Brad takes over, with the camera taking a more closer, behind view. This, as Brad fucks Rocky deep, and hard at a fast pace, going balls deep into her pussy. After Rocky cleans Brad's cock of her cum, the action then reverses, as it takes to reverse cowgirl. In this position, Brad continues with his pacing, just as previous, going hard into the pussy as he nail it. However, it is after a time here, that Brad takes her from behind, as Rocky is now on her stomach with her legs sprawled. As Brad fucks, he briefly, again utilizes two fingers as he continues his and out. Eventually, Brad binds Rocky's arms behind her back, increasing his momentum, and as a result, he soon must cum. It is then that the scene comes to an end with Brad jerking off to shoot his load into Rocky's mouth, after which she swallows.