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(click to enlarge) Della Dane Loves Nathan (2019)

Starring: Della Dane
Co-starring: Nathan Bronson

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(3.00 / 10)

21 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today I'm back with another review from the guys at SPIZOO. This time, we take a look at a scene titled "Della Dane Loves Nathan". Our subjects for the scene are of course Della Dane and Nathan Bronson. For this scene, there is no real setup of the storyline kind. There is however, a brief tease segment involving the aforementioneded Della Dane, which goes into the sex shortly thereafter. When it comes to this scene, it was one that I was actually looking forward to doing, because I have anticipated reviewing Miss Dane for some time now. I really like her look. From her unique hairstyle, to her buxom curves - including a nice round, thick ass, she has a lot to love about her. So therefore, when I took on this scene, I expected to enjoy it a great deal. Unfortunately, however now that I have seen the scene, I have to say that I just wasn't feeling it as much as I hoped that I would. First things first. The reason for this, is not the performers at all. I really like Della as I said, and I have reviewed Nathan in the past, and was very impressed with him. But with this scene, it just didn't "gel" with me, so to speak. Here, Della and Nathan to fuck their little hearts out, but I was just bored, personally. I think my number one distraction here was the fact that in this scene Della were some sort of black lacy bra top, as well as the yellow fishnet tights. It is these articles of clothing which she keeps on the entire time. Yes, while Della's genitals are visible in them, I just found it too much of a distraction as it took away from the visuals. buzzkill. As I mentioned above, Della has curves, and me personally I want to see them! So here we have it, for instance, Della bouncing on Nathan's dick in cowgirl, with her ass looking amazing, yet we have these stockings which are unnecessarily in the way of what we're supposed to be seeing. I don't know. I can't be the only one right? For me it is the same way with superhero parodies in which the performers fuck in costume. Sometimes it is just too overly distracting, and takes away from the "sexy". Another thing about the scene is that the positions are fairly standard. In the way that the action goes down, is likewise fairly repetitive. With Nathan Bronson, I like the way that he fucks Della. He fucks her nice and hard, yet the pattern in which she does so, as I said gets repetitive. Each position starting off slow, and ending with Nathan hammering her fast and hard. Nothing is too out of the ordinary here, rather pretty much straight predictable. As always with the SPIZOO production, the visuals are nice and clear, and well captured. However besides that, I just could not get into this one. So with this scene, though Della and Nathan seem to have been enjoying themselves, I just found that too much here, unfortunately took me out of the scene for the most part. When you log into, there is much better to be seen than this scene surely. But with that said, do not let that stop you from checking this one out for yourself, as you just might enjoy it more than I did.
Cast: Della Dane (with Nathan Bronson)
Rating: 3.00/10
Positions: Reverse Doggy, Cowgirl, Missionary, Spoon
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The scene opens up with a teasing segment involving Della Dane, who is wearing a black singlet, with a black strappy bra underneath, along with a pair of yellow fishnet tights. This, as the camera pans up her body at close range, as well as her face, as she also teases with her pussy. We then move on to the next segment. Here, we see a horny Della craving cock. This as she tells us that she can get her pussy wet, for she much would rather have a fat cock. She wants to ride it, suck it, and stroke it. She says that when she is this horny, she needs it. This is followed up by Nathan Bronson coming into frame a short time later. Della wastes no time in going to work on his cock, as he fuck her face good and hard. Next up, the action begins in doggy, as Nathan takes Della from behind. Della is then on all fours up on a black table/ bench, as her yellow fishnet tights remain on. From here, Nathan pounds Della from behind,nd nice and steady initially, prior to picking up his pace to pound hear deep and hard at a quick speed. The next position is doggy, as Nathan lies on his back, and Della climbs on to ride. From here, we see Della first steadily bounce on the cock until Nathan takes charge with his quick and hard pounding. The action from cowgirl alternates from bouncing to hard fucking, and then back again. This being prior to things going to missionary, as Della is on her back next. Again, it is an increasing pace that is seen, as Nathan hits the pussy harder and harder while moving in and out. Eventually, Nathan goes on to pound the pussy consistently hard, as he slams his cock in. The missionary then continues as Della's legs are drawn back. This is followed up by spoon next. Again, Nathan continues with his increasing pace throughout the position, until he works himself up to climax. The scene then comes to an end a short time later, with Nathan jerking off to explode onto Dell's face and into her mouth.