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Sky's Day Off
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Sky's Day Off (2000)

Co-starring: Nacho Vidal, Toni Ribas

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
115 Min ( 1 hr 55 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 7. I liked this vid quite a bit. It was fun and a joy to watch, I'm not sure what the hand job/BJs tie-ins were but this is Sky's vid not mine . I do recommend this to anyone who has a G/F and she likes porn as well. Only grip I have is the lighting, but where some of these scenes take place...there was low light to begin with.
Scene 1: Sky Lopez
Here some lucky guy get to have Sky suck him off in a hotel room. This scene was coo, no sex really so all I can say is a decent BJ here. Nothing special.
Scene 2: Samantha Stylle (with Toni Ribas)
Here Samantha and Tony gets together. This scene was decent but the Samantha had some acne on her ass, so it was a little hard to concentrate... The sex was cool with a little anal thrown in, but nothing special.
Scene 3: Kamy
This is the only thing in the movie that didn't really fit. A couple has sent Sky a home video of them fuckin'. This was a good scene guys/girls...Kamy looks VERY promising porn star here.
Scene 4: Sky Lopez
This scene was very fun. Here we have 2 lucky guys getting a hand job from Sky in the back seat of a car. This scene was probably my favorite of the whole movie, was funny to watch, but no sex.
Scene 5: Sky Lopez
Here Sky finds yet another guy, this time in a club. Takes him back to the room and sucks him off, the sheer amount of "slurping" at this point in the movie was somewhat funny.... decent scene.
Scene 6: Sky Lopez (with Nacho Vidal)
Here Nacho and Sky work together. This scene was good to say the least. I am NOT a Nacho fan, but he performed well here and was a joy to watch, although I wished for a facial.
Scene 7: Kristina Black
A guy and Kristina get together here. Was a decent scene nothing out of the ordinary, nice facial though.
Scene 8: Sky Lopez
Here Sky and a guy meet up. This is where these 2 tango, this was a CLOSE second in my favorite screens, again nothing out of the ordinary, but some above average sex here with some good angles.