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Shrink Wrapped
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Shrink Wrapped (1999)

Co-starring: Brandon Iron, Brian Surewood, Chris Cannon, Evan Stone, Herschel Savage, James Bonn, Mark Davis, Ron Jeremy

Directed by James Avalon

Reviewed by PL

(5.50 / 10)

Where to get it
90 Min ( 1 hr 30 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'm going with a 5.5 on this one....scenes 2,3, and 4 SAVE this movie from a 2. The rest is basic sex, with nothing really special or redeeming. Only see it if you can handle BAD circus-like music.
Scene 1: Charlie Angel (with James Bonn)
James and Charlie. This scene was OK, the sex was a little above average, but what makes the scene one of the better ones is how Charlie talks to you (via her thoughts) as she works and the nice titty fucking toward the end of the scene. Bareback. Scene ended with a nice open mouth facial.
Scene 2: Cheyenne Silver (with Herschel Savage)
Cheyenne and Herschel. I'm a fan of Herschel, and I liked this scene a lot. Cheyenne is HOT with GOOD sexual energy. Seemed to be some good chemistry here also. Very good scene, my second favorite. Safe sex. Scene ends in a pop on the left tit.
Scene 3: Blair Segal (with Evan Stone)
Blair and Evan. The set up to this scene is ODD as all hell... But the sex was good, and BOTH seeed to be into the scene quite a bit, which was nice. Better camera angels would have helped though. Safe sex. Scene ended with a pop on the mouth/chin.
Scene 4: Alexa Rae (with Brandon Iron, Chris Cannon)
Alexa, Chris, and Brandon. This was a GREAT scene one of the BEST I have seen Alexa do. Good sex, all three looked to have fun, and a little good chemistry thrown in, when you see this scene you'll SEE it. GOOD SCENE! Safe sex. Scene ended in a double open mouth facial.
Scene 5: Bridgette Kerkove,Tina Cheri (with Ron Jeremy)
Bridgette, Tina and Ron. This is one of the scenes I was NOT fond of, I like Ron and the 2 girls were OK, but NONE of them seemed to have ANY fun what so ever. Ron had to HOLD his dick to stick it Tina seemed to be asleep at points, and Bridgette kept looking off into the distance and at the cameraman. Scene ended in a pop on Bridgette's inner thigh.

P.S. This is PRE-Implant Bridgette, I think her tits look ALOT better here, since the implants they look all.. Umm fake...
Scene 6: Chocolate,Dee,Mattie Le'Mae (with Brian Surewood, Mark Davis)
Chocolate , Brian, Mattie, Dee, and Mark. Chocolate and Brian were teamed up, as well as was Mattie, Dee and Mark. This was a decent scene, the Devil get-up that Brian wore was cool, and Brian fit the bill. Although nothing great or new in the scene. This was an OK scene to watch as a whole. The lighting was REAL bad, but I guess the overall setting called for it. The music here SUCKED, I actually had to MUTE the movie, with the music, the screams, and the Devil laughing it was enough to make me want to kill myself....Scene ended in a open mouth facial for Chocolate, and Dee.