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A part of the network A Taste Of Paradise
(click to enlarge) A Taste Of Paradise (2019)

Starring: Alexa Grey
Co-starring: Mam Steel

Directed by Freddy Licious & Fran├žois

Reviewed by PL

(9.50 / 10)

Where to get it
40 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I had high expectations for this scene, considering my review of Dripping With Desire. This lived up to everything I was expecting! Alexa looked amazing and the opening tease was really nicely done. Like Dripping With Desire, this scene was well directed and well filmed, and the biggest thing was how well Alexa and Mam connected. There definitely seemed like there was good chemistry and I LOVED the kissing and light nibbling at the start of the scene! Although the kissing wasn't limited to the opening part of the scene - a really positive thing in my eyes. The more opened up shots of the penetration were good too, one of my critiques of the Dripping With Desire. Finally, I loved how Mam cam on her pussy, then pushed some of the cum back inside her before it closed out. Just a very sexy thing to top the scene off. Another no-brainer here... I highly recommend it! And I can't wait for more scenes!
Cast: Alexa Grey (with Mam Steel)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Cowgirl, Spoon
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Looking sexy as fuck in some lingerie, Alexa was in a kitchen, cooking up some sweets for her man and doing a little quality control before he got home. When he did, he wasn't nearly as interested in the food as he was Alexa - I don't blame him one bit! Undoing her top, he sexily nibbled at her ear and neck while fondling and sucking her big titties. With Alexa up on the counter and her legs spread, with her panties still on, Mam teased her pussy with his tongue before she couldn't take it anymore, moving them aside for him to dive in. Having her flip to doggy and lose the panties, he gave her ass a good licking too and gave her pussy a good probing with his fingers. His turn on the counter. Alexa sucked his cock, giving some really nice eye contact and some slow sexy licks, while also getting a fair amount of dick down her throat. Of course, she used those big beautiful fun bags on it too Bent over the counter, Mam finally got to feel her oven, slipping his cock inside her. With Mam back up on the table, Alexa sexily sucked his cock some more before going up to ride. While I loved the kissing and the side shots, I felt like the penetration was not given enough attention. Regardless, he pounded her until she said she was cumming, which must have been a cue for Mam as he came quickly too, squirting jizz on her ass a little, but mostly on his leg. Then right back in he when pumping away until Alexa looked like she finished out her orgasm or had another. On her side, Mam kept up the thrusting, going at it good until he unloaded on her pink pussy. A good load too! I was a bit surprised since he popped a bit earlier. Once more he slipped back inside her, this time with a good load of cum getting pushed inside her!