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Seymore Butts
Seymore Butts Female Ejaculation Review
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Seymore Butts Female Ejaculation Review (2002)

Directed by Seymore Butts

Reviewed by PL

(2.50 / 10)

Where to get it
69 Min ( 1 hr 9 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 2.5. This was a HUGE LET DOWN. The lack of sex was a MAJOR factor in this rating. I have seen about 3 or 4 Seymore Butts movies and MOST are GREAT... this basically sucked ass. All this is Alisha Klass, who I'm a fan of (some others were in here too, squirting that is, but I'd say 93% of this video is Alisha ONLY) doing her squirting/peeing deal. I'm still not convinced that the liquid coming out of these girls is NOT PISS, but it is still fun to watch. The nice thing about this is I seen a few girls I haven't see work with Seymore before, like Stephanie Swift, >Taylor Hayes and Ava Vincent. This movie only consists of clips from Seymore's movies there is no real sex involved here, yes there is a little anal, but the anal is very short, and only results in a "squirter"
Cast: Alisha Klass,Ava Vincent,Taylor Hayes
- I'm not going to do a scene break down because there we NO SCENES to break down, just clip, after clip, after clip......The below statement(s) cover this section well too...