Savannah Superstar
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Savannah Superstar (1992)

Co-starring: Jerry Butler, Randy Spears, Randy West

Directed by Nancy Nemo

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
69 Min ( 1 hr 9 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this title a 8. There was no real plot or anything, just GOOD sex and a fun time. I really enjoyed this one, hell I may even watch it again in the near future. Other than a few parts this was a good flick, all but one scene the actors/actresses smile, and talk to each other on top of the usual sex talk. This is a video that you guys/girls can watch with your significant other and BOTH should end up happy.
Scene 1: Hyapatia Lee,Savannah
Savannah and Hyapatia. The opening scene opens with Savannah talking to the camera, but then Hyapatia comes in. This was a decently hot scene, I think if the sex would have lasted a little longer and better camera work was involved this would have been an OUTSTANDING scene. These 2 chicks really seemed to dig one another.
Scene 2: Savannah (with Randy Spears)
Randy and Savannah. This was, hands down, the BEST scene in the movie. The sex was HOT and there seemed GREAT chemistry to be in place. This scene actually looked like a couple having loving sex, this was a PLEASURE to watch. Lots of eye contacts and sensual touches... WOW I loved this scene!
Scene 3: Tiffany Taylor (with Jerry Butler)
Tiffany and Jerry. Well this scene would have been a way better one if 'ol Jerry could have gotten into it himself, the first 5 or 6 minutes was Tiffany working her ass off to get Jerry up for the task at hand. Then the sex does get pretty good, the anal was good too, especially for the time of the video.
Scene 4: Sierra (with Randy West)
Randy and Sierra. This scene was OK...I didn't dig Sierra too much, plus I think she need to take a cocksucking class. The "pop shot" could have been better too, hell it was almost non-existent. Matter-of-fact it sucked, Sierra ruined it.