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Sacrosanct (2017)

Co-starring: Alias (Mark Zane), Chad Diamond, Charles Dera, Donny Sins, Eric John, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn

Reviewed by PL

(9.50 / 10)

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109 Min ( 1 hr 49 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: This is the first time I've seen anything from TRENCHCOATx and Kayden Kross, and I'm impressed. The artistic value of the movie was very high, and the scenes, while not exactly connected, left me feeling there were some less than obvious things tieing all the scenes together. Easily the first and last scenes were my favorite. The final scene, with Kayden and Jillian teasing Manuel and never letting him fuck them... And they way they did it, was fantastic. With Katrina's scene, I liked the way it "unfolded". I thought it was really hot how Nigel (her real life partner) was there, right in the mix and him telling her to let Tommy cum inside her was really fucking hot! I just wish Charles would have came in her too But I have to admit, this is the first time I've seen Honey and Angela, and I was very impressed with both of them. Starting with how Angela and handled her scene. I really liked how she played the submissive and took everything "all for him". Then with Honey and the intensity and energy, she brought to her scene with Mick. If you are looking for something different from the normal, this is a hell of a good one to pick up. Easily recommended.
Scene 1: Katrina Jade (with Charles Dera, Tommy Gunn)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Sitting, Standing Doggy
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The movie opened with a passage: "He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same" - Emily Bronte

Ominously we open to Katrina bound by rope to a pole with two well built hooded henchmen stand at her side. Grasping the ropes, the men pull, slowly unraveling her ties that bind. As she exited her platform a light appeared, revealing Nigel in the background, upon a throne and hooded. Just looking at him she knew what to do to please him.

To her knees, she went sucking and stroking both of them. Katrina then crawled over to Nigel and took a seat on his lap as Charles gave her pussy a taste before slipping it in. Having enough, Katrina used her feet to push him away, and got off Nigel's lap, allowing Tommy to join. She made it back to Nigel, bending over him as Tommy continued to get a piece with Charles soon joining in. As Nigel had her look him in the eyes, and with a smirk on his face, "Let him cum in your pussy", he said, and with a smile she accepted. As Tommy pulled out, Nigel made she none slipped out, fingering it back in her. Then, on her knees with Nigel holding her head, Charles gave her a great blast in her wanting mouth. He made sure the cum wasn't wasted, pushing that too back. So with a cum dripping twat and cum all over her face, she took a seat back in Nigel's lap, playing with herself as the scene fades.
Scene 2: Honey Gold (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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It was storming out as Kayden Kross was explaining to Honey about sleeping with a stranger. Explaining it's about letting go, being unapologetic, and ultimately it's about being left alone with yourself with sine intriguing imagery. Fully immersed in the idea, we see Honey in her fantasy, surrounded by dim lighting and neon signs.

Circling Mick like a tiger, she quickly bit his shoulder before they started in on some passionate kissing before he tossed her down on a couch and at her ass and pussy. After feeding her his cock, it was time to feed her pussy, having her ride cowgirl. She got it as deep as she could, griding it good before he took over to pound it. As Honey moved to her back, Mick kept going, passionately kissing her and nibbling at her neck. Finally, Mick pulled out, covering her belly in his thick cum and kissing her to close it out.
Scene 3: Angela White (with Alias (Mark Zane), Chad Diamond, Donny Sins, Eric John, Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary
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With the storm still going, we catch up to Manuel leading a cautious Angela in some sort of warehouse, who ultimately find Mick and Honey making out. Immediately Angela lit up, intrigued to watch the two go at it; even "helping" out some. Around the corner, Angela is introduced to Kaden, after some similar "assistance" Manuel finally took her to a garage to have his way with her. There was a lot of inaudible things said between them, but when he ripped her shirt down and started slapping her tits and face, you could clearly hear Angela assured him "It's all for you!" - reminding me of the 1976 movie, The Omen.

After a lot of begging, Manuel finally allowed her to suck his cock and she aggressively "went after it". Manuel took her from behind as he pushed her over the hood of the car and a near by storage create. She was grateful for the cock, thanking him as he thrust in and out of her, which made her cum too. After using those big beautiful tits to fuck, Manuel but his cock away and whistled - 4 guys got out of the car. She assured him "Anything for you!" as she serviced the cocks, sucking them, before going back to the chest where she laid down for Manuel to fuck her as she continued to suck and stroke the guys. They all unloaded on her face, then Manuel had her get on her knees to take his load on her face as well. Angela rub is all over her face and boobs, even tasting some of it before the music kicked in and we moved on.
Scene 4: Jillian Janson,Kayden Kross (with Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Back to Kayden. She's showing off her pole skills stripping for a crowd in a club, all in black & white footage. Backstage is where the color kicked in. We got back and forth shots of Kayden and Jillian doing some great tease (and quick cock tease). Finally, Kayden made her way to Manuel, taking the tease to the next level. Super sexy stuff! Loved the music here too. There's not a man alive that wouldn't love the next level of trip tease Manuel got from Kayden. Simply amazing. Next, it was Jillian's turn for a minutes or two before Kayden joined in.

With both ladies naked, Kayden and Jillian stare into Manuel's eyes as Kayden played with Jillian's pussy, then ate and fingered it as Jillian sat in his lap. Kaden was the point person most of the scene, sucking and stroking Manuel's cock, along with fingering and eating Jillian's flower. To round it out, Kayden stroked the cock until she got the prize she wanted. A mouth full of cum. Quickly she showed it and then swallowed it, cleaning up the little that didn't make it in.
The extras were pretty light, offering up only some trailers for the movie, Angela's scene and Honey's scene. There was also a trailer for TRENCHCOATx (their overall product), a cumshot recap, a photo gallery and a website link.